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Effective Pest Control In Glasgow, KY

Glasgow is an eclectic city that’s growing in popularity, and with good reason. It’s got a distinct flavor that is all its own and is peppered with historic sites. Glasgow is also a sought-after place to live because it offers residents the option of either a suburban setting or more charm in its downtown district. Given the city’s size, it serves as a hub for many of the area’s smaller towns and is also a pass-through for people on their way to visit Mammoth Cave National Park. 

At Action Pest Control, we know just how common pest problems are for the area’s homeowners and businesses. We provide effective pest control in Glasgow, KY, that can meet a diverse array of needs, whether that’s termites, bed bugs, or general pests. As a company that staffs only exceptionally qualified pest management professionals and certified entomologists, we are able to provide targeted services that maximize your protection. To schedule your free inspection, call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Glasgow, KY

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Living in Glasgow, your home can be the host to a rodent, termite, or bed bug infestation before you even know it’s there. At Action Pest Control, it’s our mission to swiftly eliminate these issues and prevent them from returning. When you partner with us, we are able to customize the services you receive, whether they’re for general pests or something more specific such as termites. To make your life easier, we’ve created the following programs for general pests:

  • Advanced: Our entry-level plan is anything but basic. It includes quarterly visits with unlimited service calls in order to address common invaders such as spiders, rodents, cockroaches, and beetles. We perform thorough interior and exterior treatments to address your needs. 
  • Complete: With our most comprehensive program, you’ll receive bi-monthly treatments that include termite monitoring and an inspection, as well as an annual attic inspection. 

For more information on Glasgow residential pest control, call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Glasgow, KY

When a pest problem appears in your Glasgow business, it can bring your daily operations to a halt. Pest birds can make customers uncomfortable while rodents have the ability to spread notable health risks. At Action Pest Control, we are ready to help you overcome any pest concern that you might have. Our team is made up of trusted pest experts, including our certified entomologists, who are able customize treatment plans for each of our customers. We know that every restaurant is different from the next, and is certainly different from a warehouse or apartment complex. 

Our protocols incorporate Integrated Pest Management methods so that we can get to the root cause of why you’re having pest problems. This also means that we perform detailed property inspections at every visit, make accurate pest identifications, and monitor your business closely. We make mechanical and environmental modifications to deter pest attraction, install exclusion for pests such as rodents, and use effective products where they’re needed. To learn more about how commercial pest control can help your business, call us today.

Are Brown Recluse Spiders Common In Glasgow?

The brown recluse spider is a common visitor to Glasgow homes and businesses, and this spider can be quite dangerous. Though people don’t want to get too close to them, they can usually identify brown recluse spiders by their several sets of eyes and the violin-like shape that is stamped on their abdomen. The fact that they have many eyes contributes to their skill as a hunter. This also means that they are constantly on the move, making them easy to encounter. 

The brown recluse prefers to live outdoors in areas of the yard such as amid rock piles, beneath porches and decks, and in any brush or lawn clutter. That said, they can also make their way into homes through crevices and openings if they detect prey or when conditions outside become unfavorable. Indoors, people might find the brown recluse in attics, storage spaces, and wall voids. For more information on brown recluse control, call Action Pest Control today.

Why Glasgow Homeowners Need Professional Mosquito Abatement

Professional mosquito treatments are undoubtedly the most effective way for Glasgow homeowners to get relief from these pests. To start, mosquitoes are a seasonal pest, which means that they are active at various times of the year and every year at that. This fact means that they are going to be an annual problem for local homeowners. Additionally, mosquito season has the ability to last from spring throughout the fall, making them active for the majority of the year. Professional abatement steps in to curb the effects that these seemingly ever-present pests have. 

While there are DIY methods available, they may only make properties and people less attractive, but they can’t necessarily lessen populations and provide any assurance. A professional is able to provide top-quality treatments on a recurring basis that will not only eliminate mosquitoes and larvae but that will also add a layer of protection from new mosquitoes. For more information on mosquito control in Glasgow, call Action Pest Control today.

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