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Left un-treated pests will damage your home and threaten your family’s health.  At Action Pest Control, we understand just how harmful insects and rodents can be and that’s why we offer comprehensive home pest control services throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois.  For relief from ants, mice, termites and other household pests, take action and get Action!

Commercial buildings


Action Pest Control takes a proactive pest management approach that keeps businesses pest free.  With certified and trained pest control technicians that specialize in commercial environments, business owners and managers can count on Action to eliminate and prevent flies, roaches, rodents and other pests that target facilities. 

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Brown Recluse Spider Prevention Tips You Need To…

brown recluse spider up close

Like many pests, spiders are beginning to look for shelter as the temperatures drop. If a spider can make it through the winter without having to go dormant it will, and if your home is accessible, it is likely one of the best places for these and… Read More