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Bowling Green, KY Professional Pest Control

Bowling Green is a large Kentucky city that offers beautiful views, grand architecture, and a strong community for its residents to be a part of. Bowling Green also provides its residents with a wide variety of neighborhoods to call home and is also home to many large, notable manufacturing facilities including General Motors. In order to help protect the wide variety of residential and commercial properties found in Bowling Green the area’s top pest control experts, Action Pest Control, offer a wide variety of pest control services. We are trusted by over 23,000 happy customers and our QualityPro rated team is proud to offer exceptional customer services and very effective pest control solutions. To learn more about how partnering with Action Pest Control can protect your Bowling Green property from pests long into the future, give us a call today!

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Featured Pest Control Services

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Residential Pest Control In Bowling Green, KY

Putting into place a residential pest control program to protect your Bowling Green home from pests is important for many different reasons; including that pests are much more than just an annoyance that you can simply swat away. Pests can carry and transmit diseases that can make people very ill, they can contaminate your family’s food sources, they can damage personal property like clothing, shoes, books, and furniture, and they can damage the actual structural of your home. To protect your Bowling Green property from the very real threat of year-round pest invasions, turn to Action Pest Control and put into place one of our fully guaranteed, year-round pest control programs:

  • Essential program
  • Advanced program
  • Complete program
  • Premier program

Our most comprehensive year-round pest control option is our Premier program. The Premier pest control program protects your home from over 40 household pests like ants, spiders, ticks, crickets, ladybugs, stinging insects, spiders, roaches, termites, and more. The Premier includes exterior pest defense and interior pest control services, cobweb removal, rodent control, window sill vacuuming, and many other services, including termite monitoring and termite inspection; all to provide you with the best pest protection possible in your Bowling Green home. Click here, to learn more!

Pigeon & Pest Bird Control Solutions

We have great respect for our state bird, the northern cardinal, and other birds that visit our backyards.  Unfortunately some birds are troublesome and in fact can be hazardous to people and property.  Pest birds like the pigeon leave behind droppings on windowsills, ledges and sidewalks, which can result in damage to the building and even cause slips and falls.  Pest birds also interfere with equipment, contaminate products and introduce serious health issues.  At Action Pest Control, we offer effective bird control services in Bowling Green that include bird netting, structural modifications, and flock dispersion as well as other bird deterrent and removal techniques.  If pigeons and other pest birds are threatening your company, take action and get Action!

Bowling Green Pest and Termite Control

Established by pioneers in 1798, Bowling Green was the capital of Confederate Kentucky during the Civil War. Many things have changed since 1798, but one thing that remains the same is bugs! That's right, with it's warm, humid summers and relatively mild winters Bowling Green home and business owners know all about insects and rodents and the aggravation they can cause. At Action Pest Control, we're local so we understand the pest pressures commonly found in Bowling Green. We understand the conditions that attract pests, how to correct those conditions and put measures in place to prevent future infestations from occurring. If you need home pest controlcommercial pest control services or termite control in Bowling Green or anywhere throughout our service area, it's time you take action and get Action today!

Guide To Bed Bug Prevention For Bowling Green, KY Residents

There are several precautionary steps that you can take when out and about in any public place in order to help reduce your chances of coming into contact with bed bugs and accidentally introducing them into your Bowling Green home.

When traveling always take the time to inspect the hotel, motel, or other establishment that you will be staying in for bed bugs- inspect any mattresses, box springs, linens, and furniture for these reddish-brown apple seed shaped insects. When you are in any public spot from the library to the airport, keep personal belongings up off of the ground, never leave your coat, purse, or suitcase on the ground where bed bugs can gain easy access to them. Stress to your children how important it is to make sure that their coats and backpacks are hung up or placed in their individual cubby at school and aren’t just left in a pile with their classmates' things. In your home it is also a good idea to regularly vacuum your home’s floors, furniture and mattresses, wash and dry clothing and outerwear on a high heat cycle, and use mattress and box spring covers to reduce cracks and crevices in your home for bed bugs to hide in.

In addition to taking the above precautionary steps, if there ever is a time where you are concerned about bed bugs inside of your home, immediately contact the bed bug control professionals at Action Pest Control. We can quickly, discreetly, and completely eliminate any size bed bug infestation from any size home. Sleep tight tonight knowing that by partnering with Action Pest Control, bed bugs won’t be biting you and your family!

Commercial Pest Control In Bowling Green, KY

Having a problem with pests inside of our Bowling Green commercial facility is a recipe for disaster, even just one customer spotting a few ants inside of your business could cause its reputation to be called into question. By not implementing a professional commercial pest control program inside of your business you are putting it and its reputation on the line. The professionals found at Action Pest Control can provide you with the services needed to quickly and discreetly eliminate current pest problems and to prevent new problems from popping-up.

Ways that we protect businesses from pests include performing a thorough inspection to accurately identify the species of pest(s) present, to determine where the pests are living, and to identify any conditions that may be attracting pests. We will then solve your facility’s pest problems through the use of monitoring stations, mechanical controls, and environmental controls. In addition, Actions’ professionals will work with you to make your facility less attractive to pests by increasing sanitation practices and reducing their access to food, water, and resting sites. To learn all the details about our industry leading solutions to commercial pest problems- get in touch with Action Pest Control today.

How To Avoid Termite Damage In Bowling Green, KY

Doing everything you can in and around your home to prevent it from being attractive to termites and to help prevent termites from gaining access into your home is very important. Termites are responsible for causing billions of dollars in damages each year and should not be a pest that you “hope” won’t cause problems inside of your home; they are a pest that needs to be proactively prevented against. Some easy steps that you can take to prevent your home and property from being invaded by wood-eating termites include:

  • Eliminate fallen trees, tree stumps, tree limbs, and other piles of organic wood-debris from your property.
  • Eliminate or at least decrease as much as possible wood to soil contact for structures located on your property.
  • Replace mulch in garden beds each year, especially in garden areas located right next to your home.
  • Trim bushes and shrubs back away from your home in order to allow the sun to hit the ground and dry it out.
  • Inspect your home’s foundation and seal any cracks and crevices that you find.
  • Remove water damaged structural wood from your home and replace it with sound wood.
  • Fix any leaky pipes found inside of your home.
  • Use de-humidifiers to reduce humidity levels inside of your home and make sure that if your home has crawl spaces that they are properly ventilated.

In addition to taking the above prevention tips, contact Action Pest Control so that we can implement our Five-Step Termite Control System, providing a long-term way to protect your home from the damages that termites can cause. Click here, to learn more!


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