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Bowling Green Pest and Termite Control

a female technician inspecting a termite baiting station outside of a bowling green home

Established by pioneers in 1798, Bowling Green was the capital of Confederate Kentucky during the Civil War. Many things have changed since 1798, but one thing that remains the same is bugs! That's right, with it's warm, humid summers and relatively mild winters Bowling Green home and business owners know all about insects and rodents and the aggravation they can cause. At Action Pest Control, we're local so we understand the pest pressures commonly found in Bowling Green. We understand the conditions that attract pests, how to correct those conditions and put measures in place to prevent future infestations from occurring. If you need home pest controlcommercial pest control services or termite control in Bowling Green or anywhere throughout our service area, it's time you take action and get Action today!

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Pigeon & Pest Bird Control Solutions

We have great respect for our state bird, the northern cardinal, and other birds that visit our backyards.  Unfortunately some birds are troublesome and in fact can be hazardous to people and property.  Pest birds like the pigeon leave behind droppings on windowsills, ledges and sidewalks, which can result in damage to the building and even cause slips and falls.  Pest birds also interfere with equipment, contaminate products and introduce serious health issues.  At Action Pest Control, we offer effective bird control services in Bowling Green that include bird netting, structural modifications, and flock dispersion as well as other bird deterrent and removal techniques.  If pigeons and other pest birds are threatening your company, take action and get Action!

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