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Quality Pest Control In Bardstown, KY

Bardstown is located on the outskirts of Louisville and is regarded as the “Bourbon Capital of the World.” In addition to its renowned distilleries, Bardstown is home to numerous historical sites and a thriving small business scene. 

When it comes to quality pest control in Bardstown, KY, Action Pest Control has the answer. We are a team committed to your satisfaction, which is why we provide 24-hour emergency responses and make the entire customer experience stress-free. You’ll be working with trained and certified technicians who abide by Integrated Pest Management guidelines. This helps us be nimble and ensure quality work at every visit. So whether you’re a homeowner or run a local business, we can help find a solution that works for you. Call us today to schedule your free, no-obligation inspection!

Residential Pest Control In Bardstown, KY

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Maintaining a pest-free home doesn’t have to be hard. With routine services from Action Pest Control, you can have the protection that you deserve. Together, our certified pest management professionals and entomologists will make sure each treatment you receive is able to eliminate and prevent pest activity. Our home pest control in Bardstown, KY, can either address general pests or target specific concerns you have, such as bed bugs, termites, and mosquitoes. 

If you want ongoing support against pests, either our Complete or Advanced programs will help. The Advanced plan provides interior and exterior treatments on a quarterly basis for pests such as silverfish, ants, and cockroaches, and our Complete plan has the added benefits of termite inspections and monitoring, as well as an annual attic evaluation. Call us today to schedule your free home inspection!

Commercial Pest Control In Bardstown, KY

Keeping your property free from pest invaders is one of the wisest investments you can make in your business. But achieving this on your own is impractical. That’s why Action Pest Control is here to help. We combine decades of experience with Integrated Pest Management methods to deliver uncompromising service. Each of our pest management professionals and entomologists is certified and expertly trained. Together, they’re able to provide you with tailored treatment programs that will help to reduce your exposure to pest invaders. 

We begin the process with a thorough property inspection. This provides us with the knowledge of any conducive conditions, where entry points are located, and the exact pest problems you’re facing. Then, we move forward by addressing the reasons why pests have been attracted to your property. We also make product applications and install bait stations where they are required. As part of your ongoing protection program, we’ll provide monitoring and follow-up services as frequently as required in order to help maintain a safe working environment. For more information on commercial pest control in Bardstown, KY, call us today.

Should I Be Worried About Mosquitoes In Bardstown?

Mosquitoes are often active in the area between the spring and fall months. They are drawn out by warmth and moisture, so avoiding them is nearly impossible. Mosquitoes are also looking for food sources, which the females need in order to lay their eggs. People and their pets are both ideal for them, and these bites are something that should concern you. While not every mosquito is going to be harmful, some are, and there’s no way of knowing simply by looking at them, if you can spot them at all. Some of the health risks that mosquitoes pose include:

  • West Nile virus

  • Eastern equine encephalitis 

  • Heartworm in pets

If you want reliable protection from mosquitoes, consider help from Action Pest Control. We provide one-time services so that you can enjoy special events in peace, as well as monthly treatments between April and October. Our services utilize EPA-approved products that are safe for the entire family. For more information on mosquito control in Bardstown, KY, call us today.

The Secret To Preventing Rodents In Bardstown

Rodents such as rats and mice are some of the more tenacious pests that Bardstown residents might encounter. They can use very small openings to secretly enter properties, and once they’ve moved in, getting rid of them can be a challenge. Mice can have up to eight litters a year, while rats may have six. They also build their nests in hidden places like attics and storage spaces. And because rodents can easily spread pathogens that lead to hantavirus and salmonelloasis, they should be avoided whenever possible. 

That’s why the secret to rodent prevention in Bardstown, KY, is professional help from Action Pest Control. One of the things that sets our services apart from DIY methods is our team of pest management professionals and certified entomologists, and their adherence to Integrated Pest Management methods. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to reduce the factors that attract rodents. We also set bait where it’s needed and seal off entry points with exclusion. To further ensure a reduction in rodents, we provide routine monitoring. For more information on limiting rodent activity with confidence, call us today.

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