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Reliable Pest Control In Pimento, IN

Pimento is a quiet community that’s nestled into Indiana’s western border. Living in Pimento affords residents some peace and quiet as well as easy access to larger areas such as Terre Haute. But don’t be fooled; even places like this see their share of spiders, rodents, termites, and other pests. Instead of ignoring these issues, residents are best served with some professional assistance. 

At Action Pest Control, we are the team to call when you need reliable pest control in Pimento, IN. We provide each of our customers with the Action Advantage, which means hassle-free service from start to finish. It comes complete with a team of pest management professionals and certified entomologists, free inspections, customized treatment plans, and a dedication to achieving results. Our services are in alignment with Integrated Pest Management as well, so they help us deliver lasting and preventive protection. For more information on our services and how they can benefit your home or place of business, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Pimento, IN

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As a resident of Pimento, there is a lot that’s required of you in order to keep your home free from pests. And sometimes, no matter what you do, you can still end up with an infestation that you weren’t anticipating. Instead of letting these issues continue or trying to solve them on your own, Action Pest Control can help. 

We are a team of expert entomologists and pest management professionals who are dedicated to creating safer living environments. Everything that we do is driven by our commitment to community and safety. We abide by Integrated Pest Management methods in order to prevent pest problems as well as eliminate them. If you’re looking for ongoing pest control support, we offer the following plans:

  • Complete: Our most comprehensive pest control program is performed on a bi-monthly basis and delivers protection from common household invaders as well as termites. In addition to our detailed home treatments, we’ll also perform an annual attic inspection and termite monitoring.
  • Advanced: If you want to take a proactive approach to pests, our quarterly plan is the one to choose. It combines interior and exterior treatments to address pests such as rodents, carpenter ants, and fruit flies, all with unlimited service calls. 

For more information on our Pimento residential pest control offerings, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Pimento, IN

At Action Pest Control, we help Pimento businesses prevent and eliminate their pest problems. We achieve this with our team of highly trained pest management professionals and entomologists, as well as with our abidance to Integrated Pest Management standards. Our team constantly strives to deliver the best possible service at every turn. We want to mitigate your exposure to pest problems so that your business can continue without interruption. 

Because we formulate a unique program for all of our customers, we perform detailed inspections every time we visit your property. We are also constantly monitoring your property, making accurate pest identification, and tweaking mechanical and environmental controls so that we can use products thoughtfully. By returning on a routine basis, we can help deter future pests and continue keeping your business safe. To learn more about how commercial pest control in Pimento can help your business, please call us today.

All The Problems Rats And Mice Cause For Pimento Homes

Rats and mice will soon be looking for Pimento homes to invade once the temperatures begin to decline and they need warm shelter. Unfortunately, they also come with their own issues, some of which include:

  • Property damage: These furry invaders will gnaw at anything they can find to keep their teeth from growing. This often results in significant damage to walls, electrical wires, and personal effects.
  • Spread of health issues: Through their droppings, saliva, and urine, rodents are linked with salmonellosis, hantavirus, tularemia, and much more. 
  • Secondary infestations: Rodents are common hosts for parasites such as mites, fleas, and ticks, so it’s very likely that the homes they’ve infested will encounter another pest problem. These pests come with their own host of negative health implications. 

For more information on Pimento rodent control, call Action Pest Control today.

Why Pest Birds Are A Major Nuisance For Pimento Businesses

While birds might seem like an unavoidable part of nature, they can be a real hassle for the businesses in Pimento. Their presence alone is enough to make customers uncomfortable and may even deter some people from patronizing businesses with bird problems. A bird’s incessant chirping and cooing can also be considered noise pollution by some, as well as a distraction. 

Two of the biggest issues that birds cause for businesses are property damage and health risks. Their droppings have the ability to both corrode the exterior of a building and be the source of histoplasmosis in people. Birds are also capable of spreading parasitic pests like fleas and mites, which can cause health issues in both people and their pets. And because birds are unpredictable, they can be challenging to deter without professional assistance. To benefit from bird control in Pimento, call Action Pest Control.

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