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Pest Control In Cory, IN

Cory is a small Clay County community 16 miles southeast of Terre Haute. This unincorporated area is best known as the host of the Cory Apple Festival, drawing thousands of visitors from surrounding communities. Its small size and unique history make Cory a special place to live and work.

Like much of the Midwest, Cory is home to several farms. These properties grow food for communities and provide homes for various pests. The sizes of these properties make it hard to track creatures, enabling them to invade buildings unnoticed. Fortunately, Cory pest control professionals are nearby to remove them.

Our technicians at Action Pest Control have experience dealing with various pests in Cory. We have the knowledge and tools to identify local nuisances and protect your home from future problems.

Residential Pest Control In Cory

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Indiana is one of the biggest corn-producing states in the country, so it's no surprise that Cory has several corn fields. A community responsible for food production is bound to have pests, and many invade local buildings. They'll enter structures for food, water, and hiding spaces, creating damage and spreading illnesses when they gain entry.

Cory is home to different pests that cause unique issues, so Action Pest Control offers two separate plans to cover any situation. Both programs cover common intruders, but the Complete plan is more extensive. We'll inspect and treat the interior and exterior of your home, monitor your property for termites, and return more frequently for service.

Residential pest control services in Cory can keep pests out of your house, allowing you to avoid damage and illnesses to your family. Call us to discover the best pest control plan for your Cory home.

Commercial Pest Control In Cory

The various pests around Cory cause unique problems for residents, but they're all a concern for local businesses. When they enter local establishments, they can cause damage and spread illnesses, hindering production and impacting your reputation. Cory commercial pest control professionals can eliminate infestations and prevent future intrusions to keep your business running smoothly.

Our technicians at Action Pest Control work with businesses in various industries, so we know the impact pests can have on your facility. We provide an all-encompassing service that includes inspecting your property, monitoring for activity, removing harborage areas, and cleaning up after them.

Since pests are a continual problem for businesses, we can return regularly to ensure you're not attracting unwanted creatures into your building. Give us a call to discover how our commercial services can benefit you.

Call Action Pest Control For Stinging Insects Buzzing Around Cory

Western Indiana is home to numerous stinging insects that can cause problems for residents. Most of these pests are rarely aggressive but will defend their homes. They can be small and reside in hidden spaces, so you might accidentally come across their nests.

In most cases, these insects aren't dangerous. They have venom, but it's not potent enough to cause medical problems. However, some people are allergic to their stings and can require medical attention. Calling professionals to remove these creatures will help you avoid a potential allergic reaction.

At Action Pest Control, we know how to handle bee, hornet, and wasp removal in Cory. When you call our team to remove these potentially dangerous insects around your home or business, our technicians will:

  • Identify the stinging insects on your property.
  • Determine what's attracting these pests.
  • Remove the insects from your property.

Bee, hornet, or wasp stings can be painful, if not dangerous, so you should leave their removal to the experts. Our technicians wear protective equipment and use effective products to eliminate stinging insects on your property. We also provide recurring services that enable us to identify future infestations. Let us know if stinging insects are on your Cory property.

What To Do If Rodents Get Onto Your Cory Property

Mice and rats are the most common and troublesome rodents that invade Cory properties. While many rodents stay in yards, these two species enter buildings, digging through insulation, chewing on wires, and leaving potentially dangerous pathogens around your home or business.

These rodents can fit through tiny gaps in your exterior to enter your building and hide inside walls or behind appliances. You might not see them, but they usually leave clues of their presence, including:

  • Gnaw marks
  • Droppings
  • Footprints
  • Oily rub marks

When you see signs of mice or rats around your property, Action Pest Control is here to help. Our technicians will inspect your property to find the pests, their entry points, and attractants in your home. We'll develop a customized treatment plan based on your situation and eliminate potential entry points and harborage spaces to prevent future problems.

Rodents can cause problems when they invade your Cory property. Call us to get rid of rodents in Cory around your home or business.

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