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The thought of pests invading your property is enough to make your skin crawl, but infestations are a lot more common than most people give them credit for. Pest problems can happen to any property and be incredibly difficult to eliminate on your own, leading to larger issues that lead to larger costs. 

Instead of trying to deal with pests by yourself or waiting for an infestation to strike before you take steps to protect your home or business, turn to Action Pest Control for comprehensive assistance. We can help all kinds of property owners with pest control in Clermont that’s simple, affordable, and effective. Learn more about our service offerings and see why countless property owners have trusted us to keep them safe. 

Residential Pest Control In Clermont

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It can be easy to assume pests will never invade your home. But even if you keep your house clean and stay up-to-date on maintenance, pest populations can be drawn to your property. All residences have factors that attract pests, including food, moisture, and shelter areas where they can nest and hide. 

To avoid an infestation, it’s better to partner with residential pest control experts who can take a proactive approach rather than just waiting around for a pest problem to manifest. At Action Pest Control, we offer home pest control in Clermont that’s simple, affordable, and fast-acting. 

With a range of services and treatment plans that are tailored to your needs, we guarantee that your pest concerns will be eliminated quickly. Whether you already have pests or just want to get started on total protection from dangerous or destructive infestations, Action Pest Control is here to help. 

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Commercial Pest Control In Clermont

Businesses can also fall victim to pest infestations. In fact, commercial properties tend to have an even greater risk of pests because they have even more daily human activity, leading to more byproducts that attract pests to that property. 

To avoid pests and the problems they can cause, you need to partner with pest control experts who know how to eliminate infestations quickly and protect your property from any future problems. 

Action Pest Control offers commercial pest control in Clermont that’s effective for all kinds of businesses. Here’s how we can help you make sure your business is always safe from the larger costs pests can bring: 

  • Inspection: We begin our process by consulting with the client and familiarizing ourselves with their property during a thorough inspection. This allows our technicians to craft a service plan that’s ideal for each individual business. 
  • Integrated Pest Management: This method means we use a wide range of treatments, monitoring, exclusion, and environmental approaches to address your pest problem. This comprehensive strategy leads to better results and less reliance on chemicals. 
  • All industries: We can help you no matter what kind of business you own or operate. 

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Don't Let Bed Bugs In Clermont Keep You Up At Night

The thought of itchy bug bites on your skin can be enough to make anyone lose sleep, but bed bug infestations can specifically impact your nighttime routine. As parasites that contaminate our mattresses and other furniture, bed bugs can directly impact your health. 

That’s why you need to turn to professionals to quickly eliminate a bed bug infestation and provide tips for how you can avoid getting them in the future. At Action Pest Control, we offer proven bed bug treatments in Clermont that completely eradicate the population so you can sleep soundly again. 

Don’t try to eliminate bed bugs on your own. Contact Action Pest Control for prompt treatments.

Five Mistakes To Avoid To Minimize Mosquito Activity In Clermont

There are other parasites that can feed on people, even outdoors. Mosquitoes are some of the most annoying — and even dangerous — pests to have to contend with. They are also common invaders of our yards and homes, as they are drawn to our properties by the prospect of easy food sources. 

To avoid a mosquito infestation on your Clermont property, you need to bear these common mistakes in mind: 

  • Poor timing: The first thing you should know about mosquitoes is that they tend to be most active right after sunrise and right before sunset. This helps them avoid the intense heat of the sun while still feeding on people and animals during daylight hours. Pick your recreation times accordingly. 
  • No protection: Going outside without bug repellent on your clothes can lead to numerous mosquito bites, so consider treating your garments whenever you need to leave the safe confines of your home or yard. 
  • Moisture: Mosquitoes are drawn to standing water, which means yards with puddling or water features are more susceptible to invasions. 
  • No landscaping: Overgrown yards are also more attractive to mosquitoes, which like to rest on tall grasses and in the shade of large tree canopies. 
  • No yard treatments: The single most important thing you can do to eliminate your risk of mosquitoes is to get your yard treated by the professionals at Action Pest Control. We establish a complete shield around your property to keep mosquitoes out. 

For more tips and assistance on proper mosquito control in Clermont, turn to Action Pest Control right away.

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 Derek is always cooperative, enthusiastic, and professional. Excellent service whether I am home or not.

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