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The thing that makes pest infestations such a problem is that they tend to have a domino effect. The longer pests remain unnoticed or unchecked, the more property damage and health risks they can lead to. As one pest invades your property, others will be attracted by the same resources the existing pests are taking advantage of.

Effective pest control in Mt. Sterling can help you avoid this cascading effect, and Action Pest Control is your one-stop shop for all pest concerns. We don’t just help you address pest problems that have already formed but actually help you avoid infestations in the first place and further down the road.

Learn how we can assist your Kentucky home or business with reliable pest control today.

Residential Pest Control In Mt. Sterling

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Pests can introduce serious problems to our homes. From the diseases they can track in, to the property damage they can lead to, a pest infestation isn’t a problem you want to take lightly. Instead of waiting for pests to manifest before you decide to take steps to protect your home, you should instead get started on preventive treatments and monitoring right now. This ensures invasions never set in without your knowledge, and larger issues never grow.

At Action Pest Control, we help Mt. Sterling homeowners deal with and avoid pest problems with treatment options that are safe, effective, and affordable.

Learn more about our offerings here:

  • Advanced: Our advanced plan includes both interior and exterior treatments, depending on where the infestation has spread. It also includes services that protect against invasive pests like spiders and rodents. 
  • Complete: All the protection of our Advanced Home Protection Plan with the added benefits of termite inspections and treatments, that’s why we call this the Complete Protection Plan. 
  • Ongoing: All our services can be designed around repeat visits that ensure your home is protected year-round. 

All of our services are backed by guarantees, and we offer competitive pricing and top-of-the-line treatments, so contact us today to get started and to learn more about our residential pest control services in Mt. Sterling.

Commercial Pest Control In Mt. Sterling

Running a local business is difficult but rewarding work. However, pest infestations can put a damper on your operations and profitability, and commercial properties tend to run a high risk of pests because of all the extra activity and attractants that result from daily operations.

This is where Action Pest Control comes in to ensure your Mt. Sterling business continues to thrive and never suffers the effects of a pest problem. Here’s  how we help local businesses stay free from the damage pests can cause:

  • Inspection: We start with a detailed inspection of your property, which helps us identify which pests are a problem and where they’ve spread throughout your business. 
  • Integrated Pest Management: From there, we pinpoint which service option is right for you, utilizing a custom, integrated approach that ensures we use the methods that will lead to the best results. 
  • Ongoing solutions: We don’t just treat your property and then move on. We always check back with our clients to ensure total satisfaction, and we offer ongoing treatment plans that ensure the protection we provide never fades. 

Get commercial pest control in Mt. Sterling that’s effective and affordable by turning to Action Pest Control today.

Just How Dangerous Are Brown Recluse Spiders In Mt. Sterling?

While most spiders you encounter are generally not dangerous to humans, some species can pose larger dangers if they manage to bite you. The brown recluse is the most venomous spider in North America, and it is also a common invader of human properties.

Like all spiders, brown recluses are drawn to properties that already have other bugs around for them to hunt. As such, a spider infestation is really a sign of larger pest concerns that must be addressed in order to fully eliminate the risk of brown recluses.

Luckily, Action Pest Control is here to help with local spider control that keeps you safe from brown recluses and many other species that might be drawn to your property. Learn how we can eliminate spider populations quickly and safely by contacting Action Pest Control today.

Wasps 101: How To Take The Sting Out Of Summer In Mt. Sterling

As humans warm up to outdoor activity, so do pests that can harm us. Wasps are most active during the warm months of the year, and they can be drawn to our yards thanks to the easy nesting grounds our structures and plants provide.

Unlike bees, wasps tend to be aggressive and capable of stinging people multiple times, making them a serious threat to your health and ability to enjoy the outdoors. That’s why you should never try to remove a wasp nest on your own.

Instead, turn to trained professionals who can provide wasp removal services in Mt. Sterling that are safe and completely effective. Action Pest Control offers protection against wasps in the form of direct elimination and ongoing treatments that ensure they never invade your yard again.

Don’t let wasps ruin your fun in the sun; contact Action Pest Control to deal with them right away.

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 I wanted to tell you that we really enjoy having Jason as our technician. He is polite, professional and easy to talk to about any issues or concerns. Please give him a pat on the back from us for his good work. Thanks very much.

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 Derek is always cooperative, enthusiastic, and professional. Excellent service whether I am home or not.

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