Common Hiding Spots For Brown Recluse Spiders

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Brown recluse spiders in Indiana and Kentucky can become a problem inside homes. When they do, they are a threat that should not be taken lightly. While a small percentage of brown recluse bites have widespread necrotic properties, all it takes is one bite in the wrong location for a disfiguring wound to occur. For this reason, all residents of Indiana and Kentucky must learn important facts about brown recluse spiders that can help to mitigate this threat. Today, we're going to talk about brown recluse habitation. The more you know about the places brown recluse spiders hide, the better your chances are for avoiding a bite.

There are a few factors brown recluses consider when choosing a place to hide. These spiders prefer dark, dry, undisturbed environments that feel like locations where they would hide in nature. Here are some examples:

In nature, brown recluses will hide under tree bark.

When brown recluse spiders get into our homes, they're likely to get into boxes or hide in stacks of cardboard. The paper material of cardboard makes brown recluse feel like they're hiding under the bark of a tree or in a pile of wood debris.

In nature, brown recluses will hide under rocks.

Any object in your home that can make a brown recluse spider feel like it is tucked safely underneath a rock is a habitat of choice. Be cautious when moving boxes or stored items in your attic spaces. These spiders can be inside or underneath. Also, take precautions when you bring boxes down from your attic. These spiders may hide inside.

In nature, brown recluses will hide in holes.

Anything in your home that looks like a hole, could have a brown recluse spider in it. It could be a towel clumped on the floor. It could be a pile of clothing. It could be the blankets of an unmade bed. It may even be a shoe or a boot. Shake items before using them or putting them on. And look before you slide into bed. It is always best to not slide in next to a brown recluse spider and trap it.

The Recluse

As its name suggests, the brown recluse spider prefers seclusion. This is another reason you may find these spiders in your attic spaces. But they can move about your home and explore storage areas and also basements.

What To Do When You Spot A Brown Recluse Spider

If spiders have gotten into your home, especially brown recluses, your first question is probably, "what do I do now?" If you discover these spiders in your home, it is best to contact an experienced and trusted spider control provider. Here are a few reasons why:

  • There are only a few spiders that can live permanently in a residential structure; the brown recluse is one of them. That means your spider problem isn't going to go away on its own.
  • Methods that drive other spiders out, like adding dehumidifiers and fans to reduce the humidity, don't have much success with the brown recluse.
  • When brown recluse spiders get into a home, they can grow their populations into the hundreds and sometimes thousands. We strongly recommend you don't allow them to do this.
  • While brown recluse spiders are not predisposed to bite, they can and do bite. This presents a serious risk due to the potential necrotic properties of their venom.
  • DIY brown recluse spider control can sometimes be far more dangerous than having brown recluse spiders in a home. When household items are mixed together, they have the potential to make deadly, invisible gases. When improper chemicals are applied, sickness can result. Worst of all, ineffective brown recluse control leads to ongoing infestation and the potential for injury.

If you see a brown recluse spider in your home and you live in our extensive Indiana and Kentucky service area, take action and get Action. The team at Action Pest Control uses industry-leading products and methods to monitor for brown recluse activity and works to systematically eliminate the spiders on the premises. We can also offer real solutions for ongoing home pest control to prevent future infestations from taking root.

It is never wise to live with brown recluse spiders. While they are certainly not as dangerous as their reputation gives them credit for, they do present a real threat. Take action and get Action.

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