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A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Rid Of Flies In Evansville

house fly on skin

Evansville, Indiana, sits on the Ohio River and provides residents with excellent scenic views. While it is said to be a growing metropolitan area, it still retains a friendly and welcoming small-town vibe. Many consider this town one of the most beautiful in Indiana. However, even amongst such beauty, folks in the area still have to deal with some persistent pests, such as flies. These dirty pests could soon cause trouble in local homes unless homeowners use professional fly pest control services.

How Can I Tell What Type Of Flies Are In My House?

There is nothing more irritating than having flies in your home. Once flies get indoors, they have a knack for dive-bombing you wherever you go. Like other cities nationwide, Evansville has its fair share of fly species, so getting familiar with the ones most likely to visit local homes is essential. 

Four types of flies that tend to bother Evansville homes include the following:

  1. Fruit flies
  2. Phorid flies
  3. Blow flies
  4. House flies

Fruit flies and phorid flies are tiny, measuring 1/8 of an inch long. Fruit flies have tan bodies with dark bottoms. They’re known for their red eyes. Phorid fly colorations can be yellow, brown, black, or a combination of these colors; they have a noticeable hump on their back. While fruit flies take to the sky to move about, phorid flies typically move across surfaces when moving around. 

Blow flies and house flies grow to around 1/4 inch long. Blow flies have shiny, metallic-looking bodies that can appear greenish-bronze or purple-black, and house flies have a dull, dirty coloration and four dark stripes on their chest.

No matter what fly species get into homes, they all live and breed in dead and decaying materials. No one wants filthy pests invading their houses, so having a pest professional like Action Pest Control nearby is vital.

The Dangers Fly Infestations Can Cause In Homes

Flies are those common household pests that seem like, no matter what you do, they always find a way to get indoors. More than just annoying, flies can usher in dangerous conditions that can affect the health of those living inside homes.

Three ways flies can threaten Evansville homes include:

  1. Carrying and transferring pathogens that cause disease
  2. Contaminating surfaces
  3. Defecating on surfaces

When people come in contact with surfaces that flies have visited, they can become exposed to germs that cause diseases such as salmonellosis, tuberculosis, E. coli, dysentery, myiasis, and typhoid. Any one of these diseases can cause folks to get tremendously ill. Homeowners who want to get rid of flies quickly and restore their home to its pest-free condition can get expert help from the pest professionals at Action Pest Control.

Six Simple Yet Effective Fly Prevention Tips

Keeping flies out of your house may seem impossible, but with some simple yet effective fly prevention tips, homeowners can do much to limit their exposure to fly infestations. One of the best ways to keep flies away from your Evansville home is with sanitation measures.

Removing trash and keeping bins clean helps remove attractions that draw flies to homes. Storing foods in airtight containers or refrigerators is also a good idea. Regularly cleaning drains, traps, garbage disposals, and picking up pet waste can eliminate conditions that lure flies in for a visit. Keeping window and door screens in good repair can also help keep flies outdoors where they belong. 

While taking steps for fly prevention is wise, stopping flies can prove challenging without professional help. At Action Pest Control, our mission is to help homeowners keep their homes pest-free with safety plans that can help protect homes from fly infestations.

What’s The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Fly Infestation?

Using a professional pest control company like Action Pest Control is always the best way to remove different kinds of flies from Evansville homes. We offer homeowners trustworthy, effective, and reliable fly control for their houses. Our comprehensive pest prevention plans can address any of your pest control concerns. Call Action Pest Control today for a free quote and see which plan option best suits your needs.