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Evansville's Total Rodent-Prevention Guide

a rodent in the dark

Have you ever seen a wild rat or mouse face to face? Finding one of these furry pests inside your living areas is a jarring experience. It doesn’t help that rodents choose the worst times to show themselves to people. What makes things even worse is that they are dangerous, destructive, and annoying. If you have had trouble with rodents inside your Evansville home in the past or have heard about these furry pests and want them to stay out of your living areas, here is a total rodent prevention guide to begin using today.

Keep Your Living Areas Clean

A dirty environment provides rodents with many ways to find shelter, food, and moisture. In order to make your living areas less attractive to dangerous rodents, you need to keep things clean and tidy. Some ways to do this include washing down surfaces, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping your floors, and picking up food messes and drink spills as they occur. If you haven’t deep cleaned your home in a while, we recommend doing this as well. You would be surprised how much filth builds up in areas you might not regularly clean like beneath kitchen appliances, under furniture, and in other hard-to-reach spots.

Repair Damage To Your Home’s Exterior

Another way to control rodents and keep them out of your home is to make sure your Evansville home’s exterior is properly sealed. To do this you first need to inspect your property’s exterior for damage. We recommend checking for torn screens; weathered weatherstripping and door sweeps; cracks, gaps, and holes in foundational blocks; and around window/door frames, utility piping, and wires. Once you have identified problems, repair or replace the damaged screening, weatherstrips, and door sweeps and seal off cracks, gaps, and holes using a caulking gun. 

Remove Attractants

There are many things that make your living areas more attractive to rodents. The two we want you to address today are available food sources and harborage opportunities. Address food attractants by storing leftovers, pet food, and pantry items in sealable plastic, glass, or metal containers; making sure your trash cans are properly sealed and clean; and being careful not to leave fruits, vegetables, or candy out on countertops. Make sure rodents don’t have places to hide inside your home by organizing your storage areas, keeping things tidy, and getting rid of any items that you would consider unnecessary. 

Address Moisture Issues

All rodents need at least a little moisture to survive. If these pests have an easy way in and out of your home, they might find something to drink around your home from rainwater build-up or clogged gutters. If there is no good way to get outside, rodents will look for moisture inside tubs, sinks, and from leaky piping. We recommend addressing this issue by repairing your gutters and making sure they are cleaned out, fixing leaky pipes and fixtures, eliminating rainwater build-up on your property, and wiping down tubs and sinks inside your home after using them.

Call A Professional 

There is only one guaranteed option for controlling rodents inside your Evansville home and that is to hire a pest control professional. At Action Pest Control, we offer more than just comprehensive rodent control, we offer a team of dedicated technicians with a heart to take care of their community. We know how dangerous, destructive, and harmful these pests are and we put great effort into helping people like you find solutions to get and keep them out.

Contact us today to learn more about our rodent control services and find a time to have your Evansville home and property inspected for rodents.