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All The Ways That Spiders Can Find Their Way Into Your Louisville Home

a spider on a person

Spiders aren’t welcome in your Louisville home. Though they tend to be shy and can run away from you, they can bite when invoked, and the bite can be lethal if the spider is venomous. When you notice spiders invading your home, call Action Pest Control for the safest and most effective Louisville pest control.

Since you can’t differentiate between non-venomous and venomous spiders, call an expert immediately when you see a spider crawling on your walls. This article explores the different types of household spiders in Louisville, Kentucky, and how to keep spiders away from your house.

The Types of Spiders That Invade Louisville Homes

There are hundreds of species of spiders in Kentucky. Knowing the types of spiders, you expect to see in your house is good. The household spiders that you are likely to find in Louisville include: 

  • The black widow: Black widows are poisonous spiders found all over Louisville. These spiders are black with red marks on their bottom and top. The male ones have additional white spots. The males have longer legs and are slimmer than their female counterparts. They are about half an inch long and like hiding in dark places. 
  • The Brown Recluse: The recluse is another poisonous spider whose bite may require medical attention. Recluses are dark to tan brown, with uniformly colored legs and abdomens. They are about one inch long and have violin-shaped marks on the tops of their bodies, or cephalothorax. The Brown Recluse has six eyes, not eight like other spiders.

The spiders mentioned above are poisonous, but there are also non-poisonous spiders in Louisville, including wolf, funnel-web, fishing, jumping, crab, yellow sac, cellar, orb, and purse web spiders, among others.

How Spiders In The House Could Mean A Bigger Problem

The presence of spiders in your home can mean a bigger problem. Spiders may love living in your home because they find many things to feed on; spiders feed on cloth moths, flies, mosquitoes, roaches, earwigs, and other spiders. Since spiders prey on other insects, their love for your house may mean you have an insect infestation.

It is best to call Action Pest Control when you notice a growing number of spiders in your Louisville home.

Factors That Attract Spiders Into Our Homes

Spiders cannot invade your home without reason. So when you notice them crawling around, you should be sure that something is bringing them there. Among these things are:

  • Weather Condition: Spiders will come into your home to seek shelter from the elements. So expect them to visit when it gets wet, cold, or warm.
  • Inside Conditions: Spiders like secluded and dark places like garages, attics, crawl spaces, basements, etc.
  • Food: As noted earlier, other insects in your house can attract spiders. Not only that, but spiders also feed on other items that can make them visit you.
  • Easy access: If you have spaces that spiders can easily access, they will come calling. These spaces include sheds, wood piles, garages, and piles of leaves, among others.
  • Damaged areas: Other spider attractants are damaged areas such as open windows, open doors, holes, crevices, and cracks.

The Key To Total Spider Control For Louisville Homes

The steps you can take to eliminate spiders from your home include the following:

  • Trimming shrubs, trees, and bushes
  • Keeping all corners and the ceiling clean
  • Patching up holes, crevices, and cracks in walls, furniture, and foundations
  • Installing screens on doors and windows
  • Decluttering your house

The above steps may not totally get rid of spiders from your home. The only way to terminate spiders is to call Action Pest Control. We offer the best spider removal services in Louisville. Remember that venomous spiders can kill you.