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Should I Invest In Fumigation For My Lexington Business

a large fumigation tent

It's bad enough when termites invade your residence, but dealing with an infestation at your business affects you and your staff and office visitors. The result could leave you spending a lot of money on structural repairs if the damage is extensive.

For that reason, your professional pest control in Lexington offers fumigation services that eradicate termites and other wood-burrowing insects, no matter how well they hide. Action Pest Control is ready to plan a termite-decimating strategy to return your office space to a pest-free environment.

What Kind Of Pests Do Fumigation Services Treat?

The best part about fumigation services is that one application is effective enough to get rid of 100% of the pests at your business, no matter the insect species. Take a look at the following list of bugs that fumigation will eliminate:

  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Ants
  • Beetles
  • Moths

Of course, this form of treatment will also eradicate any active termites. Pest control specialists will develop a strategy that will detail the entire process so you know what to expect.

How Can I Tell If Fumigation Is Necessary?

Fumigation takes the act of pest control to a whole new level. Although a business will rarely require fumigation services, certain insects, like drywood termites, burrow deep inside wooden structures and become incredibly difficult to remove without taking extreme measures. Other pests, such as carpenter ants, are known to do the same damage as termites. Therefore, if you are experiencing an infestation, it is always best to get a professional assessment from a reputable pest control company.

Steps To Take When Preparing For Fumigation

Deciding to fumigate your business involves lots of pre-planning as you and your staff will have to vacate the premises during the process. Your termite specialist will go over the complete treatment program with you and disclose how long the procedure will take. Once you have that information, you can notify your employees and make the appropriate preparations. Review the following steps to take before the fumigation:

  • Make plans on where your staff will work, such as remotely from home.
  • Open all doors between offices inside the facility.
  • Remove all living things, like plants, fish tanks, and others.
  • Uncover any office furniture or upholstery.
  • Unplug all of your electrical devices and appliances.
  • Discard all consumables tightly or take them with you.

You can ensure the safety of your office and increase the effectiveness of the fumigation process by following these steps. Once you are permitted to return, you and your staff will be walking into a termite-free business. If you’re currently dealing with an infestation in your office space, contact a termite specialist near you to schedule an inspection.

Fumigation Services For Lexington Businesses

Whether you are a company of one or an office with over 100 employees, dealing with a termite problem at your office is a serious matter that you need to address quickly to avoid major issues down the road, namely expensive restoration bills. 

If the objective is to eliminate termites in your facility and keep them away, then it behooves you to take a proactive stance and not waste time deciding what to do next. A fumigation process is a complete approach that controls pests at every phase of their lifecycle. Check out the three explanations below on why it’s critical to include professional pest control when you first notice signs of termites at your business:

  1. Termites are tough to eliminate.
  2. Termites cause a significant amount of destruction.
  3. Termite colonies can be brutal to locate. 

At Action Pest Control, our trustworthy and knowledgeable team provides exceptional residential, industrial, and commercial pest control services for our Lexington residents. We realize that a business is hard enough to maintain without the stress that dealing with an insect issue can cause. Reach out to us to schedule a free inspection so we can assess your situation and develop a fumigation strategy that will eliminate termites.