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The Dangers Fleas And Ticks Bring To Louisville, KY Properties

a tick biting a person

Fleas and ticks in Louisville are often grouped because they are parasitic pests that wild animals, domestic pets, and even people are susceptible to. If you are a pet owner, you probably already know the dangers these pests can cause your furry friend, but did you know that you can get bit by ticks and, although it’s rare, fleas?

Although we tend to put these two pests in the same category, they are very different. 


  • Have eight legs and are a member of the arachnid family
  • ¼ of an inch with a rigid brown shield
  • Oval and flat, but will be swollen after eating  


  • 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch and will appear like dots without magnification
  • Wingless, but have large back legs used to jump 
  • Flat and had body

Both fleas and ticks can transfer dangerous diseases to people and animals, which is why if you live in Louisville, Kentucky, you should consider learning more about these pests, and you can do that by reading below. 

Problems Caused By Fleas And Ticks

When these parasites feed on a host, they can bring pathogens and bacteria through their saliva, making the host sick. And unfortunately, that host can end up being you or your pet. This is why you should know the following:

  • Ticks are known to spread Lyme disease, which can bring lifelong side effects and complications if not treated early enough. They can also transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Colorado tick fever, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and more.
  • Fleas can transmit rickettsial disease, cat scratch disease, typhus, and plague. They can cause irritation, a rash, allergies, and secondary infections and will cause discomfort and stress for any animal or person experiencing them.

Even if you don’t have pets or animals living on your property, you can still get fleas and ticks while out in nature or, more likely, if a stray animal comes onto your property or into your home. So you should know how to prevent these parasites from happening to you in Louisville.

Keeping Fleas And Ticks Away

If you want to reduce flea and tick populations on your property, look no further. Pest professionals at Action Pest Control want to share several tips to deter these pests from your Louisville home:

Tips For Tick Control: 

  • Deter wildlife by keeping garbage cans secure and removing any other potential food or water sources.
  • Keep grass and foliage cut around your property to eliminate harborage areas.
  • Remove woodpiles and other debris such as leaf piles and grass clippings.
  • If possible, cut back wooded areas surrounding your property.
  • Create a 3-foot-wide barrier out of gravel or wood chips between your property and any surrounding wooded areas.

Tips For Flea Control:

  • Clean pet bedding and vacuum the surrounding area regularly.
  • Vacuum under furniture and along walls, making sure to discard the vacuum bag weekly or else fleas can develop and re-infest.
  • Get your pet on a preventative by talking to their veterinarian.
  • Utilize the tips listed above for ticks to deter wild animals from your property.

Although the tips above are easy enough to implement, you still might find that you want the best protection possible against these pests. The best flea and tick prevention is with ongoing professional assistance. 

Professional Control For Fleas And Ticks

Don’t stress about fleas and ticks on your Louisville, KY property. Contact the professionals at Action Pest Control to learn about our home pest control options and which one best fits your needs. With us, you’ll receive nothing but the best customer service and treatments that we guarantee. Call us at Action Pest Control to learn more.