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The Secret To Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Evansville, IN Yard

a big mosquito on a leaf

Mosquitoes are incredibly determined insects. They will continually fly around you until they can land on your skin. They must bite you and suck your blood. Once you step outdoors, they will come in your direction. Even if you don’t spot them with your naked eye, you’ll see proof of their presence. Bumps that are red and very itchy will be all over you.

Given that mosquitoes harass both humans and animals, there’s a strong possibility of disease transmission. With this in mind, health experts report that the bugs are a significant medical threat. Since they reside in natural settings, it’s not easy to manage them at all. Learn the secret to warding off mosquitoes and how Action Pest Control can be of assistance in Evansville, IN.

How Do Mosquitoes Operate? What Are the Dangers?

Mosquitoes have the name they do because it translates to “little fly.” Their bodies are only 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long. Their unique features include scaly skin and two wings, prominent noses, and fine legs. Female bugs will be the ones after your blood because it powers their egg production. Water is equally vital to a mosquito’s endurance, which is why they often gather near standing pools. Larvae rely on the organisms from the fluid. The next essential element they consume is nectar. Thus, you should be on the lookout for mosquitoes if your domicile or establishment borders copious greenery or a body of water. Examples are forests, ponds, and lakes. An estimated 3,500 species exist.

Structural gaps and open doors and windows are typical through ways for mosquitoes. They’ll settle in dark and damp zones where they probably won’t be disturbed. Don’t be surprised if you see one in a closet, basement, or laundry room. As you might imagine, if you begin to consistently have welts on your arms, legs, and elsewhere, you have an infestation. Here are some facts about a few of the diseases mosquitoes spread:

  • Birth defects have been seen in 5% of infants in relation to the Zika virus. 
  • Incurable Chikungunya causes major joint pain and fever. 
  • Symptoms of Dengue include nausea, fever, and rashes. 
  • Some signs of Malaria are chills and sweating. 
  • Those with the West Nile virus may have fatal neurological reactions, though 80% of patients are asymptomatic. 
  • Yellow Fever is linked to severe kidney, liver, and heart issues.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Mosquitoes?

You’ll have to be more thorough with exterior care if you hope to keep mosquitoes away. In addition, contemplation with your wardrobe and drinking will be necessary. The reason is that you can draw these pests to you on accident so here are some deterrents you can utilize:

  • Light candles made with essential oils like peppermint and rosemary. 
  • Set mosquito traps; make sure you wash them regularly. 
  • Dry pet drinking bowls and drain swimming areas to lessen standing water.
  • Trim grass and greenery on a routine basis.  
  • Remove organic debris from the lawn. 
  • Flush out your gutters frequently. 
  • Wear bright colors instead of darker shades. Mosquitoes can easily see dim hues like black and blue. 
  • Remember that the content of alcoholic beverages can come out of your pores and attract mosquitoes.

How Will Action Pest Control Exterminate Mosquitoes?

Many popular prevention tactics for mosquitoes have weaknesses. For instance, the flames from candles and torches produce gases that the bugs love. Retail items can be too frail or toxic. We at Action Pest Control have advanced mosquito control treatments designed to discourage incoming insects and to halt breeding. Our solutions are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency; they will do no harm to humans, domestic animals, and vegetation. When you call us today, you’ll be offered a free inspection with no obligation!