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What Are Termite Swarmers & What Do They Mean For My Jasper Property?

termite swarmers on a fallen tree

While it’s safe to say most people are aware of just how destructive termites can be to a home, it’s also a fair assumption that most people’s knowledge of termites ends there. After all, if you’re aware of the threats posed by termites, you know that you should want to keep them out of your Jasper home, right? However, in addition to being aware of their dangers, there is some other information you need to be privy to if you want to limit your exposure to these destructive pests. For instance, you need to know what termite season means, what termite swarmers are, and what they can mean for your Jasper home should you find them inside of it. 

What Is Termite Season?

Winter, spring, summer, and fall. We all know the four seasons. However, if you’re a property owner, there’s a fifth season you need to be aware of. That’s termite season. In order to understand what termite season is, you need to know a bit about how termite colonies are comprised. For instance, termite colonies consist of three separate castes to which the various termites belong. These are workers, soldiers, and reproductives. 

Workers are tasked with gathering food for the colony. Soldiers, on the other hand, are charged with protecting the colony from potential threats. Finally, reproductives, or winged termites, are responsible for setting out and creating new colonies. This process is what’s referred to as a termite swarm. Therefore, the time of year when termites are most likely to swarm is called termite season. This usually takes place in spring and summer. However, that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down in the fall and winter. The unfortunate truth is, termites are a year-round pest, meaning that you need year-round Jasper pest control protection. 

What Do Termite Swarmers Mean For A Property?

One thing many people don’t know about termites is that you are not likely to ever spot termites in your home, even if it is infested with them. This is because termites in Jasper tend to remain within their nests or in the wood that they are feeding upon. However, the one exception to this, when you very well might spot termites in your home, is during a termite swarm. Therefore, the appearance of winged swarmers in your home is typically a harbinger for a termite infestation to come. Furthermore, you may only find the shed wings of the termites which usually means they have already found somewhere to build a nest. 

Areas, where you may find swarmers in your home, including around baseboards, on windowsills, and in-wall voids. They are attracted to rotting or water-damaged wood so if there is any decaying wood in your home it could draw swarmers to it. 

How To Make Your Property Less Attractive To Termite Swarmers?

The best way to make your property less attractive to termite swarmers is to address any moisture issues in your home. This means you should:

  • Install dehumidifiers.
  • Fix leaky pipes and fixtures. 
  • Keep gutters free of debris to prevent flooding.
  • Replace any decaying or moisture-damaged wood.

Additionally, you should also try to limit wood-to-soil contact around your home’s exterior by creating gravel or cement barriers between the soil and any wood such as deck posts, porches, and siding. 

What Is The Best Form Of Termite Protection?

While you can and should take every termite prevention measure at your disposal, the best method for termite protection is partnering with the professionals here at Action Pest Control for ongoing termite treatments. Termites are a year-round pest which means year-round termite protection from Action Pest Control is the only way to be sure your home is protected from these destructive pests all year long. Don’t let your home be eaten inside out by termites. Give us a call today.