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Easy Tips To A Pest-Free Picnic In Evansville, IN

ants on a picnic table

One of the most pleasant ways to enjoy a weekend or evening is with a picnic. You might go through the effort of packing a five-star lunch and setting the ambiance. But it only takes a few uninvited guests for your picnic to go sour. If you don't take measures to keep pests away from your Evansville, IN picnic, you can expect trouble. Learn simple ways to keep pests away from your next picnic.

Which Pests Usually Ruin Picnics?

There's more than one pest that can ruin your Evansville picnic. Typically, ants are the first to invade. One or two ants might not seem like a problem, but hundreds of ants will soon follow. It's hard to enjoy a meal while you flick the ants off your food.

Mosquitoes can also ruin the event. In between swatting away the buzzing insects, you need to deal with the constant scratching from any bites. If you're aware of the dangers posed by mosquitoes, you probably won't be able to rest easy knowing you're a primary target.

Another likely invader is a bee or wasp. In addition to being painful, a sting from one of these flying insects could send you to the hospital. You may need to duck or run for cover if your picnic is near a wasp nest.

Tips For A Pest-Free Picnic

So, you don't want pests to ruin your picnic. These tips can keep your next outdoor event pest-free.

  • Be Prepared:  Before you head out, prepare yourself for an encounter. You can deter mosquitoes by wearing light-colored clothing, and use bug spray to be even less appealing. Because bug spray isn't 100% effective, you may want to wear long sleeves and long pants. Mosquitoes can bite through them, but your clothing makes it tougher. If possible, tuck your socks into your pants. This makes it more difficult for ticks and stinging insects to get to your bare skin. You might not make a fashion statement, but you can keep pests from bothering you. 
  • Don't Leave Your Food Accessible:  When you pack your picnic, make sure everything is stored in resealable containers. If you have food unsealed or in a loose seal, it will be easily accessible to pests. Wasps, ants, and bees might find themselves unable to resist your picnic basket. After you eat, seal your containers back up. Even though you might not have any remaining food, the residue could attract pests. Resist the temptation to spill your drinks and throw your leftovers into the grass next to your blanket. If you do, the rest of your picnic will be plagued with insects.
  • Pick Your Food Carefully:  Sugary and fatty foods will attract pests. Even if you cover them up before and after you eat, you can't keep these foods covered forever. While you eat, keep your food on a separate blanket. 
  • Choose A Good Spot: You can't expect nature to move around you. As you look to set up your picnic, consider where the pests are. Is there a wasp nest in a nearby tree? Do you see an ant hill in the grass? Look for signs of pest activity, and avoid any areas with too many pests. If possible, don't have your picnic at dusk. This is when pests are the most active. Try to schedule the picnic for a time when mosquitoes won't be buzzing about. 

Work With Us

If your picnic is on you're property, there's an easy solution. Call Action Pest Control and let our experienced technicians handle your pest problems. We can treat mosquitoes, ants, and any other pests that might affect your picnic. Call us today for a free estimate or use our online form.