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The Best Way To Protect Your Louisville Business From Pest Problems

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Why call a pest professional to protect you from infestations? For the same reason you call an electrician to fix your power: if you want to make sure a job is done right, there’s no substitute for professionalism and expertise. However, many business owners try to cut corners with pest control or handle problems themselves as they arise. This isn’t just ineffective, it’s harmful to your business. Smart business owners know that partnering with professionals is the best way to protect their bottom line.

What Businesses Do We Protect?

At Action Pest Control, we have decades of experience with identifying and eliminating pest problems, especially for commercial businesses. This kind of fast, effective support is invaluable to a money-making business owner because the longer a pest problem sticks around, the more harm it can cause to your business. Here are just some of the types of businesses we’ve successfully protected from pest infestation: 

  • Food processing: From restaurants to warehouses, the food industry provides ample sustenance for foraging pests, which can be attracted to easy access to stored food items. 
  • Healthcare: From hospitals to doctors' offices and pharmacies, we’ve helped healthcare facilities stave off and eliminate pests. This is especially important in the areas we need to be the cleanest of all. 
  • Offices: Business complexes and office spaces provide lots of spaces for pests to nest, not to mention the waste that employees and daily activities can generate, providing pests with food.
  • Property management: Pest problems spread quickly through apartment complexes and housing communities, meaning fast-acting professional solutions are necessary. 

What Pests Do We Prevent?

It’s true that a wide variety of businesses can be exposed to pests of all kinds, but it’s also important to know what specific pests to watch out for. Certain species are specifically attracted to certain kinds of commercial properties, and learning how to spot the problem is the first step in solving it: 

  • Rodents: Rats and mice are the most common to invade inside of properties looking for food and shelter. Restaurants and hotels especially provide habitats for rodents. 
  • Insects: Foraging pests like ants can be found just about anywhere, to say nothing of cockroaches and termites that can expose you to disease and property damage. 
  • Spiders: As insect populations form, the pests that hunt them are attracted, too. Spiders are often the first sign of a larger pest infestation for a business.

Why Pay For Pest Control?

Most often, when a business owner turns to DIY methods or cheaper alternatives, it’s because they want to save money on having to deal with a pest infestation. It’s only natural to want to cut costs, but the issue is that this approach almost never fully works and therefore is just a waste of money. It’s cheaper, in the long run, to turn directly to pest experts, who can quickly eliminate the problem and put steps in place to prevent future invasions. The reason it’s important to act on pest populations quickly and decisively is because the longer they are around, the more problems they ultimately cause for your business. These problems, naturally, lead to more costs and loss of revenue: 

  • Damage: Pests of all kinds can damage your property, from gnawing rodents to wood-boring insects. Often, you won’t even notice the damage until it’s too far along to avoid repairs. 
  • Disease: The presence of pests exposes you, your employees, and your customers to potentially harmful diseases. Pests not only transmit illness, they can also be riddled with parasites that pose their own health risks. 
  • Closures & fines: Because of the dangers they pose, health officials and certification boards take pest problems very seriously. Not only could they force you to close until the problem is fixed, you can be slapped with fines and never recover from the damage to your reputation.

Let’s Work Together Today

As a business owner, you’re busy enough without having to worry about the long list of potential pests and the dangers they pose to your property. Rather than take your attention from the many other things that go into running a business, let us take care of pest control for you. At Action Pest Control, our friendly staff works with businesses to address pest problems before they cause harm to your business or property. If an inspection reveals existing threats, we’ll get rid of them quickly and unobtrusively, ensuring business isn’t disrupted. Not only will we get rid of the pests, we’ll follow up routinely to make sure they stay gone. It’s this kind of partnership that keeps your business — and the public — healthy. 

Don’t wait to act on proper commercial pest control for your Louisville business, contact Action Pest Control today.