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Owensboro’s Guide To National Pest Management Month

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If we do our jobs right, people hardly notice the contribution that pest professionals make to public health every day. Pest experts know how dangerous pests can be, which is why we aim to take care of them before they pose larger risks. Few people get into the pest business for recognition. In fact, we do our best to make our services as quick and non-intrusive as possible. But every year we celebrate National Pest Management Month, which recognizes the crucial work that pest professionals do to keep pests, and the health issues they cause, from spreading. While we humbly accept the nod of approval, the best thing that property owners can do is educate themselves on the many ways that pest infestations start and spread from one area to the next.

What Is National Pest Management Month?

Every April is Pest Management Month all across the country. It’s a period dedicated to raising awareness, not only of the great work done by experts in your area but also of the crucial public health role that pest control serves. If everyone keeps up on general pest prevention, our whole society benefits. Potentially dangerous and destructive infestations are kept in check and an incalculable amount of money is saved by everyone. Problem is, modern property owners rarely have the time to keep up on pest prevention, let alone learn what to watch out for. That’s why the best way to keep everyone safe is to simply trust that pest professionals, which have countless years of collective experience, know what they are doing. That’s the real meaning behind Pest Management Month.

The Dangers Of Pests

While we touched on it above, the real importance of pest control is in limiting the larger problems that they cause. It’s honestly surprising how such tiny invaders can lead to such big problems. Here are some of the more serious ones:

  • Damage: Pests of all kinds can chew on, contaminate, and destroy household items and structural materials. Pest prevention is much cheaper than the costly aftermath of pest activity, trust us.
  • Disease: Pests are public health nightmares because they can transmit harmful viruses and bacteria to people and pets. They can also carry fleas, ticks, and other parasites laden with their own dangers.
  • Allergies: Even if pests don’t carry dangerous bacteria, their presence can worsen allergies and respiratory issues, especially in sensitive groups like the elderly or those with asthma.

How You Can Help Us (And Yourself)

The best way to avoid those problems is with help from pest professionals, but there’s truly no better time to get started than right now. Here are some things that everyday property owners can look for and keep up on:

  • Food storage: Make sure not to leave food sitting out, and consider storing food in sturdier containers rather than flimsy store packaging. Regular inspection of your stored items can tip you off to contamination.
  • Trash storage: Also be mindful of your trash storage, which pests can take advantage of to salvage food morsels that you throw away. Bins should be well-secured both inside and outdoors.
  • Deep cleaning: Proper food and trash storage don’t matter if you’ve got crumbs and spills accumulating elsewhere. Deep clean regularly, especially under heavy appliances.
  • Crack sealing: Tiny bugs can squeeze through tiny cracks or holes, and larger pests can pick and burrow at these imperfections to open up entrances to your structures. Check your exterior walls frequently and make repairs if needed.

Pest Control From Action Pest

While we hope that every property owner takes it upon themselves to learn about proper pest prevention, the best course of action that anyone can take is to call the experts for guidance. At Action Pest Control, our friendly staff can walk you through these kinds of general pest control measures, making sure that nothing gets missed that might contribute to pests on your property. Let us get started on an inspection right away, so we can help you determine your level of pest risk and formulate a plan that fits your property and your budget. If pests are already plaguing your property, don’t try to handle it on your own. Instead, trust Action Pest Control to keep you protected.

Help us celebrate National Pest Management Month by contacting us today!