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How To Know If Fumigation Is Right For Your Owensboro Business

a commercial business

When Owensboro home and business owners want pest control services, the pest control companies they contact will employ one or more methods to address an insect or other pest problem. Popular products include gels, liquids, sprays, traps, and baits. These items usually contain a repelling agent or pesticide of some sort designed to kill troublesome critters. Technicians will try to be as thorough as possible, applying solutions to affected areas, indoors and out. However, some infestations are so severe; fumigation is the best solution.

Many people think that fumigation is excessive and dangerous, but it can actually be quite the remedy, especially for commercial properties. The only way to understand the necessity and function of fumigation is to read more about it, and learn about what Action Pest Control offers.

What Kinds Of Pests Are Treated By Fumigation?

Fumigation is used to treat several types of creepy crawlers, such as wood-destroying insects, pantry pests, and bed bugs. Examples of wood-destroying insects are termites, carpenter ants, and powder post beetles. Since they nest deep inside walls, residents won't know they have an issue until major damage has occurred. Though they are very small, their colonies are large, making them challenging to defeat without robust measures.
With pantry pests, like Indian meal moths, their infiltration begins in factories and on distribution lines. They live and breed in packaged food. Subsequently, their larvae consume and taint whatever they've hatched in. Given the nature of their infestations, they can be tough to eradicate. 
Bed bugs are very pervasive too. They inhabit public places, such as schools and hotels, and suck your blood. After climbing onto your clothes and bags and following you home, they'll wander off to other fabrics, furniture, and appliances. In order to get rid of them, you must exterminate all life stages, including eggs. Because they are so tiny and multiply quickly, getting rid of them with common treatment methods is next to impossible.

What Are The Advantages Of Fumigation?

  • Perfect for hard to kill pests: Several pests are difficult to eliminate for different reasons. Frequently it's because they are small in size, rapidly reproduce, nest in hard to reach places, and have a high recurrence rate; roaches are an example. While common pest control tactics can be helpful, they are no match for extensive infestations.
  • Comprehensive treatment: Fumigation will stretch to wall voids, foundation cracks and crevices, and structural pores, even behind walls. When fumigating, the entire building is enveloped, while conventional treatments are generally targeted and localized. 
  • High efficiency: In just a day or less, your property will be critter-free. You'll only need one visit. This efficiency is particularly ideal if you're facing an insect or creature that customarily requires repeat treatment cycles, like bed bugs.

How Does Action Pest Control Handle Fumigation?

At Action Pest Control, we've set the standard for fumigation in Owensboro. Our expert team has been responsible for some of the most diverse structural treatments. We offer container services as well. Whether it's rodents, spiders, beetles, or some other nuisance, we have you covered.
Businesses that commonly have fumigation done are:

  • Lumber exports
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Food distribution centers
  • Mills and feed manufacturers
  • Residential complexes
  • Museums
  • Shipping centers
  • Commodity warehouses

Safety comes first, and we understand the concern for liabilities. We pride ourselves on our low-hazard practices and being communicative with clients. Our staff includes entomologists and certified industry professionals. Call us today for a free inspection!