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Why You Should Call The Professionals With Ant Problems On Your Louisville Property

a ant on a leaf

Ants are one of the most interesting kinds of animals on our planet. They are also one of the most common. Edward O. Wilson, an American biologist, estimates that over 10 quadrillion ants share our planet with us! This is not hard to believe seeing that it only takes a short walk outside to spot several anthills. The question is, what can you do when these anthills start showing up all over your property and ants start finding their way into your home? Our suggestion is that you turn to the professionals here at Action Pest Control. Here's why.

Common Ants Around Louisville

Before we talk about what it takes to keep ants out of your Louisville home, we have to first determine what ants want to cause trouble around your property. Here in Louisville, we have quite a few common species of pest ants. Here are some you need to know about.

Pavement Ants

These black to brown ants prefer to nest outside under stones, bricks, and pavement, but can occasionally find their way inside to search for food. In nature, large groups of pavement ants will often fight to claim and hold territories.

Little Black Ants

Little black ants are the most likely culprits to find inside your home. These smaller shiny black pests prefer to nest outdoors but can nest within the woodwork of a home during times of inclement weather or cold.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are by far the most destructive ants that exist. Red, black, or a combination of the two in color, these large ants cause trouble because of the way they construct their nests. Unlike other ants, carpenter ants require a large area of wood to build their colonies. If your home is found as a viable building ground for carpenter ants, tremendous damage can occur, given enough time.

Acrobat Ants

These yellow to brown to black ants are known to hang around trees outside. Feeding mainly on nectar, these small ants can occasionally find their way indoors to feed on other sweats and treats.

Pharaoh Ants

Most ants are not dangerous, pharaoh ants are one of the few exceptions. These yellow almost transparent ants are known for their ability to pick up and transmit dangerous diseases where they roam. Diseases like salmonellosis and hantavirus are just two problems these ants can cause inside your Louisville home.

How Homeowners Try To Handle Ants

There are many websites on the internet dedicated to helping homeowners fight back against ants. Some of the suggestions they make are helpful, some are just encouragements for you to waste your money and time. Our experience is that keeping ants out is easier than getting them out once they have gotten inside.

If ants are not currently inside your home, try using a caulking gun to seal up gaps and cracks around your home’s exterior, as well as making sure all of your window/door screens, weather stripping, and door sweeps are in good working order.

If ants are already causing trouble around your home, don’t take unnecessary risks or waste money. By this we mean do not use chemical-based products that might harm you and your family, or use scent-based repellants like lavender or peppermint that will only work for a short period of time before becoming ineffective. Instead, reach out to the professionals here at Action Pest Control for effective ant control in Louisville. Using only the highest quality pest treatments, we can eliminate any current ant problems and create a powerful barrier to keep future ant threats at bay.

Give us a call today to find out more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Louisville or to schedule a treatment date.