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Five Easy Tricks To A Pest-Free Indianapolis Picnic

sugar ant trying to get your picnic food

If you want your Indianapolis picnic to be perfect, you need to do some planning. In addition to preparing your meal and deciding where to go, you also should determine how to keep pests away. Follow these five tips and have yourself a pest-free picnic.

Which Pests Might Bother You?

There are several pests in Indianapolis that could show up uninvited to your picnic. Ants, wasps, and ticks are all prevalent throughout the city. If you’re having a meal outdoors, you may be battling many pests.


Ants are attracted to food. At picnics, little black ants are the most common visitors. If undeterred, they’ll march to your site and start eating your food.


Wasps are also attracted to picnics. Typically, sweet food and drinks are a beacon for wasps. They could swarm your picnic and make it impossible for you to enjoy yourself.


These pesky insects are often encountered near standing water. Despite being most active in the early morning evening, mosquitoes can ruin a picnic at any time of day.


Although ticks aren’t attracted to human food, they are attracted to you. And finding a small tick on your body is one way to bring a picnic to a disturbing end.

Tips For A Pest-Free Picnic

Before you set up for your picnic, here are a few things you can do to prevent pests.

Check The Space Around Your Site

Look at more than just the scenery when you set up your picnic. Search the area for ant mounds and wasp nests. The closer you are to nests, the more likely you will be to encounter pests.

Be wary of setting up your picnic near heavy shrubbery and tall grasses. Depending on where you are, there could be ticks waiting for a host to approach. A picnic near stagnant water is also a recipe for disaster, as mosquitoes may be lingering nearby. By choosing the right site for your picnic, you severely limit the chances of pests taking over.

Keep Your Food Covered

When food is left out in the open, pests will make their way to it. Avoid taking your food out of containers until it’s time to eat. Once you do take your food out, keep pests away by covering it as much as possible. Although you can’t keep it covered for the duration of the picnic, you can use lids to cover food until you’re ready to eat.

Avoid Sweets

Unless you want bees and wasps to join in on your picnic, avoid sugary food and drinks. If you have to bring sweet items, keep them contained, and eat them quickly. The longer they remain out, the more likely you’ll be to encounter wasps.

Bring Citronella Candles

To deter mosquitoes, you should bring some citronella candles. Just be aware that the candles will only work in a small radius. Additionally, the candles alone aren’t enough to keep away all mosquitoes. The wind could blow the smoke away and leave you vulnerable to these biting pests.

Use A Fan

If there’s power near your picnic site, you can use a fan to keep bugs away. They won’t like flying in the strong wind and the insects may let you enjoy your meal. Even if there’s no outlet nearby, you could use a battery-powered fan. Just be sure to bring enough batteries to keep it running.

Speak With A Professional

Whether you’re worried about pests taking over your picnic or your yard, you should speak with a professional. They know all the tips and tricks for eliminating pests and making your time outside more enjoyable. Contact Action Pest Control for more advice on resolving your pest problems