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Benefits of Professional Bird Control

a pigeon in the big city

Birds can be fascinating and beautiful creatures. When they’re outside on a tree singing, it’s easy to love birds. However, birds can also be pests, posing a variety of risks to businesses. When you consider all the dangers, costs, and inconveniences that birds can bring with them, you may think twice about letting them perch on your buildings. There are ways to keep birds from landing on and near your business. You have enough to worry about when it comes to your business, let someone else take care of the birds.

Are birds bad for business?

You may be wondering why birds are a problem for businesses. First, when you have a large number of birds, their songs become much louder. Birds can be incredibly noisy pests. The sound may distract your employees or drive your customers away. Birds can also cause customers to go elsewhere if their droppings build up on walkways. Bird poop looks gross and can also be a slipping hazard or a health hazard.

Most bird-related diseases can be transferred through their droppings. This can happen if someone in your business accidentally comes into contact with it. It can also happen if birds poop near sources of food or water. Birds have been known to carry more than fifty diseases, including salmonella and meningitis. Birds may also bring lice, fleas, ticks, or other bugs to your business. These can carry even more diseases.

And birds can cause damage to your property. Their droppings may damage materials in or on your building. Birds can also cause clogged gutters. They can damage roof tiles, signs, and other materials. Your business was not meant to hold nests or flocks of birds, so let a professional pest control service clear them away to protect your building.  

What’s wrong with a do-it-yourself approach?

Because birds can perch on high points, it’s dangerous to have employees attempting to reach these areas. Birds are small and light, and they can sit on precarious ledges. Your employees cannot.

There are several methods of keeping birds away from a business, but these are best done by professionals. Action Pest Control formulates effective treatment plans to remove pest birds. This approach begins with an inspection. A pest control technician will help you determine the species of birds causing problems. From there, they will discuss a treatment plan, which may involve wires or spikes to keep birds from nesting on your building.

Our bird control methods are humane and efficient. We can encourage birds to leave your business without harming them and without inconveniencing your work. Don’t wait until birds cause you to lose customers, call Action Pest Control today.