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The Louisville Slugger Isn't The Only Bat In Kentucky

a bat in a home

Even if you're not a baseball lover, you know what the Louisville slugger is. But that beloved baseball bat is not the only bat we have in our Kentucky service area. We have little brown bats, gray bats, red bats, silver-haired bats, hoary bats, Virginia big-eared bats, small-footed bats, Indiana bats, Northern long-eared bats, Southeastern bats and more. And, just in case you don't know, these aren't types of baseball bats. They're furry flying animals with leathery wings. Kentucky is full of bats. Fortunately, most of them live in caves, mines, rock crevices, and other natural shelters. But every once in awhile, a bat gets the bright idea to try to live with us in our homes or our businesses. That is where we can help.

At Action Pest Control, we are known for our state-of-the-art bird control services--and many of the tools and methods we use to successfully keep birds out are also effective at keeping bats out.

Why Would You Want To Keep Bats Out?

If you've heard that bats eat mosquitoes by the truckloads, you may be tempted to let bats live wherever they want, even if it is your attic, garage, barn, shed, or outbuilding. But while bats are certainly important helpers in the war on mosquito-borne diseases, it is better to invest in mosquito-reduction services rather than let bats take care of the important job of protecting you and your family from harmful diseases spread by mosquitoes. Mosquito reduction is far more effective at making a yard a no-fly zone for biting pests. Plus, there are issues that can arise from having bats on your property.

  • Bats can transmit the fungus histoplasma capsulatum, which can cause histoplasmosis in humans.
  • Bats can leave ugly brown stains around the entry points they're using to get into your property.
  • The guano (droppings) left by bats can have a strong aroma and may become an unsightly mess when they stack up under an entry point.
  • Under the right circumstances, bats can bite.
  • Bats are a common carrier of the rabies virus, which is deadly to humans.
  • Bats can chew wires and destroy insulation when they get into attics or wall voids.

Bat Control

If you live in our Kentucky service area and you need bird or bat control, reach out to us. Action Pest Control has the tools and experience to protect your property and your health from these and other intrusive animals.