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Roosting Birds Are More Than A Noisy Annoyance In Evansville

a roosting pigeon

Are you going crazy because of the sound of birds roosting on your property? Are they hanging out on your power lines, roofline, and rafters? While a single bird singing can be nice, dozens of birds can make a racket. They also make a lot of noise when they take to the air suddenly. But the noises birds make in Evansville are only the beginning of the ways they can be a problem.

In our service area, there are a few birds that commonly create roosts on the outside of structures or find their way into attic spaces. You are probably familiar with them. They are pigeons, starlings, and English sparrows. It is important to also point out little brown bats. When bats invade, they create many of the same problems and they are controlled with many of the same technologies.

1. Droppings

There are many ways the droppings left by birds can be a hazard. Here are some of the most common:

  • The uric acid in bird feces is corrosive. It can eat away at many materials including concrete.
  • Living organisms inside bird feces can present a contamination issues. Some of the many diseases linked to bird are Histoplasmosis, candidiasis, cryptococcosis and several forms of encephalitis.
  • When droppings are left on walkways they can create a slippery surface when it rains. This can lead to personal injury or an injury that results in a lawsuit.
  • Droppings are an eyesore and are often costly to clean up.

2. Nests

When birds roost, they cause many issues. Here are a few to consider:

  • Nests created in gutter systems can cause blockages that allow rainwater to pool and spill over. This can lead to water damage, mold issues, and an increase in pest control problems.
  • Nests created in electrical boxes can cause a short.
  • Nests created inside attic spaces or wall voids can damage insulation and present a difficult clean-up issue.

3. Parasites

You wouldn't think that birds would be a threat for the spread of ticks and fleas, but they are. A single sparrow can have a hundred seed ticks on its body. When birds come onto your property, they can leave parasites for your pets to pick up. When they get inside your property, they can leave ticks, fleas, and other parasites where they can be picked up by your pets or by mice and rats that get in.

Bird Deterrents

The best way to deal with birds is through the application of bird deterrents. There are a few ways you can deter birds on your own, such as moving bird feeders to at least 20 feet from your exterior walls, putting mulch over grass seed, and sealing entry points on your roof. But no DIY bird control methods are as effective as the deterrents used by the bird control specialists at Action Pest Control. We deter birds through structural modifications, flock dispersion, exclusion installations, and other natural methods that don't harm the birds. For more information or to schedule service, reach out to us. We look forward to helping you get control of those birds… and bats.