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April Showers Bring May Termites To Louisville

termites coming out of the ground

If there is one thing that attracts termites in Louisville, it’s moisture. Damp wooden structures are their favorite source of food. If you have moisture problems in your home, you’re at risk for termites. While this is their first choice of food, they will also feast on dry wood if there is no damp wood around. Therefore, any home is at risk, but preventing moisture damage can be the best way to prevent termites.

Here are some common mistakes homeowners make that can create moisture/humidity problems:

  1. Not fixing leaks -  Leaks sometimes go unnoticed or are pushed around on the overloaded to-do list if they’re small. However, it’s important to address leaks when you find them. If not, water will slowly seep into the nearby wood, causing it to weaken and soften.
  2. Not replacing damaged wood - Now you’ve stopped the leak, but the softened wood still remains. Once you’ve fixed the leak, the damaged wood should be replaced so as not to attract termites.
  3. Lack of dehumidifiers - Dehumidifiers will control the moisture in the air, ultimately protecting the wooden structures of your home. (This can also prevent other insects that are attracted to humidity).
  4. Improper pressure washer use - Many homeowners use pressure washers to wash away the grime that has built up over the year. Blasting the pressure washer at full force towards your siding can actually force water under the siding and damage wood underneath. Using a wide-spray nozzle can prevent this from happening.
  5. Not caulking gaps around your windows and doors - This will prevent unwanted moisture build up in cracks.
  6. Bad ventilation - Good ventilation can prevent moisture. However, homeowners need to be careful when it comes to ventilation. A common mistake is putting too many vents in a crawl space. This allows more moisture to come in from the outside and can have the opposite affect homeowners are going for. Sometimes, especially in the winter, dehumidifiers are the best option.
  7. Not cleaning up the yard - By clearing away piles of leaves, rotting logs, and clearing gutters, this can help eliminate places that harbor moisture and provide food sources for termites. If they’re in your yard, they’ll likely find your home sooner or later.
  8. Standing water - If your lawn or yard holds moisture or standing water no matter how hard you try to clean it up, you may want to install a French drain. There are tutorials online of how to do this.

While these mistakes can cause moisture problems in your home, there is another mistake that can be detrimental to your home, and that’s not contacting pest control services in Louisville if you suspect you have termites. Termite inspections can save money in the long run, as termites can cause devastating damage if left alone - don’t let them take over! For more information on our professional termite control services in Louisville, or to schedule an appointment for your Louisville home, contact Action Pest Control today!