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How Tarp Fumigations Protect Homeowners From Dangerous Spiders

a scary looking black widow spider

Although not everyone is afraid of spiders, most of us would agree that spiders don’t belong in our homes. Whether you squish them when you see them or trap and release them, most of us don’t just let them live in our homes without doing something about them.

Most spiders that get inside are more of a nuisance than anything else. They might leave webs in the corners of ceilings or leave a relatively harmless bite on the skin, but they don’t do too much damage. There are a couple of spiders though that are much more dangerous.

Dangerous Spiders

Brown recluse and black widow spiders are venomous spiders that can and do get inside homes. Although they prefer to hide in dark, secluded areas and would prefer to remain away from all human contact, if they feel threatened, they will bite. These bites can cause serious damage.

Black widow bites can cause difficulty breathing, muscle cramps, fever, headaches, and more. Brown recluse bites can cause necrosis, which is when the tissue around the bite area dies. Although these bites are rarely fatal, they often require medical attention and can be serious if not treated.

How They Get Inside

If it was easy to keep spiders out of your house, you wouldn’t have to worry about black widows or brown recluses. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to keep your home 100% spider-free. Spiders need only the smallest opening to get inside, which means if you have even one crack or hole in your foundation or siding, they’ll be able to get in.

What To Do If A Dangerous Spider Gets Inside

If you find a venomous spider in your home, it’s possible that there are more, so it’s important to take action to get rid of them. Tarp fumigations are a great way to do this. A tarp fumigation uses gases to reach every corner of your house. This ensures that every spider that might be hiding inside will be taken care of.

The best part about fumigation is that it is an immediate fix. While conventional pest control methods can take a couple of weeks to work, fumigation will take care of the problem immediately. In the case of poisonous spiders, you want a solution that works fast, not something that takes time.

If you’ve found dangerous spiders in your home, consider the benefits that tarp fumigations offer, then call Action Pest Control to learn more about our fumigation services.