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Louisville Bed Bug Prevention For Summer 2019

a bed bug up close on a person

Bed bugs in Louisville are a significant concern for homeowners and residents. Peak bed bug season extends from late summer to early fall as bed bugs take advantage of the warm weather to breed. Increased travel and destination vacations are other factors that increase the spread of bed bugs. You can carry bed bugs home from your trips, as well as from home to home on luggage, furniture, and clothing.

What factors lead to bed bug problems in the KY summer?

Bed bugs thrive in warm, humid conditions. Kentucky's summer weather patterns create the perfect environment for bed bugs. For bed bugs to breed, females must consume a blood meal before laying their eggs. Increased human travel allows bed bugs to spread from home to home, feeding as they go. More feeding means more breeding, and higher temperatures mean that this fast-growing insect can mature in as little as five weeks.

Tips to take to prevent bed bug infestations

When returning home from a vacation or hotel stay, always check the lining of your luggage, and shake out clothing. This inspection allows you to ensure you have not brought bed bugs home with you. Summer is also a favorite time for lawn, garage, and estate sales. When buying used furniture, always inspect seams and crevices for evidence of insects. Do not bring infested furniture or clothing into your home.

Steps to take now and leading into fall

As spring temperatures begin to rise, stay vigilant when traveling and bringing home new items. Bed bugs are now starting to become active and looking for new hosts. Spring cleaning is a great time to make sure that your home or apartment is free from invasive bugs. We recommend inspecting the weather stripping along windows and doorways to ensure it is not damaged. Because of the bed bug's small size, they can squeeze through very narrow openings. Clean all air conditioning vents, as well, looking for signs of bed bugs. Shed skins and egg casings are some of the most common indicators of an infestation.  Next, consider scheduling a routine inspection with one of our technicians. We'll make sure that you haven't missed a thing!

Early prevention is the key to stopping bed bug infestations in their tracks. If you're concerned that you may have bed bugs, do not try to treat the problem yourself! DIY methods are often unreliable and may leave viable eggs behind. Our professional bed bug control technicians have a K-9 team, which can detect and confirm bed bug infestations. If there are bed bugs found in your home, we've got you covered. At Action, we use state of the art heat treatment technology to eradicate bed bugs once and for all. Contact us today to request more information, or to schedule a consultation.