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Bird Control Strategies That Do Not Work

geese and their babies

Many people enjoy seeing birds around their property. It is the reason that bird feeders exist, so we can enjoy the beauty of our feathered friends from the comfort of our own homes. However, there is a stark difference between hummingbirds zipping gracefully around our flowers and pigeons nesting in our commercial facilities. The second birds start destroying our property and threatening the health and well-being of our customers and employees is the moment we start to look for ways to prevent them from doing so. The question is, what does that look like?

Two Methods That Almost Always Fall Short, and Why

Have you ever heard of a scarecrow? It’s an object made to resemble a figure (usually something birds are afraid of like a human or a predator) and is used to scare pest birds, generally away from a crop or area where plants are growing. From first glance, this seems like a great idea. The problem with birds is that they are quick learners, and once they have established that the man standing in the middle of the field will not hurt them, they will begin to ignore him altogether. The same goes for fake owls and other dummy predators. While it may seem like a good fix at first, because the birds who were once nesting on your roof every day have found other places to be, it won’t be a solution forever. Unless you continue to change out your artificial predators from time to time, birds will not stay off your property.

The same is true for audio deterrents. It is true that some sounds deter birds, such as those that simulate bird distress calls. Just like visual deterrents, as birds get used to the sounds they become less and less effective. This is similar to the way that people can learn to sleep through certain sounds such as subway trains. In short, although temporarily effective, many do-it-yourself pest bird management methods have a tendency to fall short. The same can not be said for the professional bird control services from Action Pest Control.

How Action Keeps Birds Away

Unlike DIY bird management, Action uses methods that work throughout the year. We use methods that don’t allow birds the option to ignore - spikes and shock traps to be specific. Pest birds tend to search out the most comfortable perches and, while our deterrents are not designed to hurt birds, they are designed to make perches around your business as uncomfortable as possible. So if you want professional bird control that birds can’t ignore, call the professionals at Action! We are waiting and ready to address your specific needs.