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Why Barn Swallows Become A Problem In Spring

a swallow flying in the sky

May is only a month away. Do you know what that means? Yes, April showers bring May flowers; but May also brings barn swallows, and these birds are well known for causing serious problems for warehouses, farms, and other buildings with open doors. Barn swallows have blue backs, dark orange faces, and light-colored underbellies. Their wings are long and pointed, and their tails have two points on each end, giving them a forked look. They can be found feeding and nesting in meadows and near ponds, as well as inside sheds, barns, bridges, etc.

The problem with pest birds - such as barn swallows - is not merely the nuisance they bring; they also can cause severe damage to property and pose threats to people’s health. Birds produce tens of millions of dollars-worth in property damage, on a yearly basis. Their droppings and corrosive urine make a mess, and result in many hours of cleanup. Birds can also cause sleepless nights for business owners, as well as respiratory problems, food poisoning, and viral infections. If birds are infesting your business, you could be looking at potential sale losses, bad reviews, and costly repairs and maintenance. Barn swallows can build a nest in as little as 24 hours. Once they find a space that looks like a comfortable place to live, they’ll gladly move in; not only can they move in quickly, but they have the tendency to return to the same place year after year. Given their migration pattern, every May you could be looking at another barn swallow infestation. If birds are an annual problem for you, act now to ensure they can’t get established in your facility again.

With pest birds, it’s important to seek professional treatment. Many birds, including barn swallows, are protected by federal law. Barn swallows have some admirable traits - they actually help us by eating insects that buzz about and invade our outdoor activities. Swallows are capable of executing sharp, swift turns and dives to capture these insects. Their fluid motions make them entertaining to observe by birdwatchers, but we advise people to be careful when trying to remove them from properties. We want to remove birds from where we don’t want them, while encouraging them to move to the places we do want them!

The professionals at Action Pest Control can remove the barn swallows that have made nests on your property safely and effectively. At Action Pest Control, we know how important it is for homeowners and business owners to have the problem handled as soon as possible. The treatment method we use is both safe for people and environmentally friendly. With over 30 years of experience, we’re equipped to handle your pest needs. Learn more about our bird control program by chatting with us today, or schedule your free inspection. Let us take the worry off your hands; to protect your property from pest birds, contact Action Pest Control today!