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Best Times To Get Fumigation Services Throughout The Year

ants on wood

When it comes to pest control, there are many advantages to choosing fumigation services. Fumigation is the right tool for hard to reach and difficult to treat pests. Let's take a look at how this treatment option can get the job done in spring, summer, and fall.


This is the time of year when property owners realize they picked up an infestation during the winter. Bugs, rodents, and wildlife become active again as temperatures warm up. If you're seeing these pests appearing in your business, fumigation may be the right solution to flick the reset button and get back to being pest-free.

Another thing that happens in spring is people move into new homes. April is the beginning of moving season. If you're moving into a home or moving out of a home, fumigation is a great way to make sure that home is pest-free.


During the summer months, pests grow their populations. As they do, they are constantly looking for food, water, and harborage. This can bring them into our businesses. One group of pests that are particularly frustrating are pantry pests. Fumigation is the perfect solution for these food-invading insects because it doesn't harm the food as it destroys the infestation, and it can get into every pore, every nook, and every cranny.


As summer comes to a close and fall temperatures drop, it can lead to an infestation of overwintering pests. This can be a serious problem for a business. Fumigation can arrest a developing infestation and get you back on track.

A pest we get a lot of calls for in the fall are bed bugs. This is because people travel a lot during the summer months, which increases our chances of picking up these hitchhiking bugs. While heat remediation is a great eco-friendly solution for bed bugs, fumigation can also get the job done. The gases used in fumigation get into the places bed bugs hide--even places that heat has a hard time getting into.

Dispelling The Myths About Fumigation

Fumigation is a great option any time of year, but many steer away from it because they don't understand how fumigation works. Don't believe the myths about fumigation. Get the facts. When it comes to stopping bugs in their tracks and dealing with pest control issues in sensitive environments, fumigation is one of the best solutions available. No matter how big or how small your pest control problem is, find out if fumigation is the right tool for the job.

If you need assistance, let the fumigation experts at Action Pest Control help. We have the experience and know-how to steer you in the right direction.