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Are Carpenter Ants Eating You Out Of House And Home?

a carpenter ant on the ground

Carpenter ants are wood destroying pests but they don’t actually eat the wood like termites, but rather they bore through it. However, it really doesn’t matter if an insect is boring through it like the carpenter ant or eating it like the termite. At the end of the day, you couldn’t care less about the technicalities of it, but rather that they are doing some serious damage to your Louisville home and you need to get rid of them.

Carpenter ants are large, black, and shiny and they live in colonies. They bore through wood products to make nests. In the process, they leave behind chewed up wood and dead insects in piles outside of the exit holes in the wood that they are infesting. They prefer wood that is damp and located in places where moisture is present. Typically under kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as basements and where there are leaky pipes. Be aware, however, that they can also be found in solid wood as well.

If left untreated carpenter ants can do severe damage. One colony can quickly become two and then develop into multiple satellite nests. In cases like this, they can be very hard to eliminate and control. Then there is the added problem of keeping them at bay. That’s where a professional pest control company can help.

If carpenter ants are eating you out of house and home (literally), protect your Louisville home by following these tips:

  • Limit use of mulch by keeping beds less than 3” deep, using stone around the perimeter of your home is a great alternative to mulch
  • Keep the vegetation trimmed away from your home
  • Clean up debris from around your foundation
  • Keep stacks of items a good distance away from your structure
  • Take your trash out regularly
  • Store garbage in bins outdoors with tight-fitting lids
  • Seal off all entry cracks and crevices in the foundation and exterior walls

To obtain the best possible solution, you should call on the professionals at Action Pest Control in Louisville. We have pest control solutions to fit your needs that are effective and convenient. We offer a variety of comprehensive home pest control services for you to choose from. If you were to choose our most popular Premier home pest control program, you would experience control of over 40 household pests inside your home and within 40’ of your home. Give us a call for more information about all of our residential and commercial pest control services in Louisville.