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What Is Container Lumber Fumigation?

wood stacked in a warehouse

When shipping lumber, many things must be considered, not the least of which are pest control certificates and quarantine concerns. Container lumber fumigation helps businesses meet the requirements set forth by the USDA and international shipping authorities.

How it works is simple. The same fumigation products and methods used to protect homes from wood-destroying organisms can be applied to lumber before shipment. Lumber is brought into a controlled setting and fumigants are applied to destroy any organisms within. It is then ready for shipment to any destination domestic and abroad. Without treatments, logs, lumber, and unmanufactured wood products can be denied entry into some countries without written permits, certificates, or some other proof of treatment. A container lumber fumigation comes with proper documentation.

There are many pests that can dwell in lumber: termites, carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, bark beetles, and more. Fumigation can ensure the complete elimination of all wood-destroying organisms within your products and give your products the certifications needed to satisfy phytosanitary authorities. This process is fast and reliable, which is important for efficient business operation. Fumigation is also portable. It can be done onsite where your product is being staged for transport.  

At Action Pest Control, we are an industry-leading fumigator. Our fumigation services meet all requirements set forth by the USDA and the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). If you ship products internationally, our team can make sure your products are compliant. We have the training and experience to support your shipping requirements and provide all necessary paperwork.

If you do business in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, or the surrounding states, you may be in our extensive service area. For more information about commercial lumber fumigation and container fumigations, schedule a meeting with one of our experts. We'll work with you to answer any questions you may have and set up a fumigation plan to meet your needs. Our team has experience in applying fumigation treatments for a wide range of commercial customers. From large warehousing facilities to individual antiquities in museum collections, we've done it all. Let our experience work for you.