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Be On The Lookout For Swarming Termites

termite swarmers at night

We all know the weather in Indianapolis can be unpredictable. Will we get a few more weeks of winter or a few months? One thing is certain. As soon as the weather warms up and a nice rain soaks the area – termites will swarm. This flying bunch of pests will be a clear indication that there's a termite problem in the area.

Wait, Termites Can Fly?

Not all termites can fly, and not even flying termites can fly all the time, but yes, some termites can fly. When colonies of termites mature, the alates develop wings and fly off to start their own colonies. Shortly after launch they will pair up with a mate, settle into a new colony, shed their wings, and begin to reproduce. They won’t be able to fly again once they shed their wings. Only the next group of alates will fly, which takes about 3 years.

What Do Swarming Termites Look Like?

Many times people will confuse swarming termites with flying ants. They have similar light brown to beige bodies and two sets of wings. The major difference is that flying termites have whitish wings and no separation in their body, whereas flying ants have a distinct separation in the body and tan wings. They are still very hard to tell apart and often it’s best to contact a professional in Indianapolis if you think you see ‘white’ flying ants – which are likely termites.

What Do I Do If I See Flying Termites?

Seeing a swarm of termites in your yard is a good indication that you have a termite problem elsewhere. Termites cannot fly far and swarm from their previous nest, so seeing a swarm means the original nest is somewhere close by. While you can do some things to prevent subterranean termites such as keep yard debris and wet leaves away from your home and keep your basement dry, a professional can help you with tips and treatments to keep your home and your yard termite free. Once you see a swarm, there really aren’t any effective measures you can take yourself to get rid of a current infestation, you really need assistance from professionals like those at Action Pest Control.

In the Indianapolis area, you can contact Action Pest Control to help you with our five-step termite elimination plan. First, we will come out and complete an inspection to identify your problem. Next, we will apply a treatment, returning in three months to be sure your termites are gone. Each year we’ll come out to make sure your protection is still active and there hasn’t been any disruption to the barrier. Finally, we’ll guarantee our work to make sure that your home or structure remains termite free. Call Action Pest Control today to ensure that swarming termites don't become a threat to your home.