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Why Evansville Homeowners Turn To Action Pest Control For Bed Bugs

bed bugs on a dirty mattress

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year. Work and school are as crazy as ever, but there are dozens of other activities piled onto our plates, too. Gift buying, holiday decorating, cookie baking, school concerts, work parties, friend parties, travel planning….. it’s enough to stress out even the calmest person.

No one wants to add any unnecessary stress to their lives, but sometimes it’s better to have a heads up about something that could potentially cause even more stress down the road.

Bed Bugs Travel During The Holidays

During the holiday's bed bugs become a bigger concern than usual. Bed bugs are excellent travelers. At peak travel times, such as during summer vacations and over the holidays, the number of infestations creeps up. Bed bugs move unnoticed from location to location in the luggage of people whose homes are already infested.

Are you planning to travel from Evansville this year? Will family or friends come to stay with you? Whether you’re staying at a hotel or with family, or instead hosting someone in your own home, it is important to be on alert for any signs of bed bugs.

Whether you are going away or hosting visitors in your home, be aware of the following signs of a bed bug infestation:

  • Do you notice bites on your skin? You may see bed bug bites in the morning upon waking. They are small, red, and can be itchy.
  • Have you observed what appears to be pecks of blood on your sheets or pillowcase? If you notice small red dots on your bed linens, these could be a sign that bed bugs are feasting on you while you sleep.
  • Do you also see brown streaks on your sheets? Bed bugs leave feces behind that can look like small, brown streaks on fabric.
  • Have you noticed bed bugs, or their eggs or casings? Bed bugs often hide along the creases or seams of mattresses and upholstery. They can be found between mattresses and headboards or footboards. It’s always a good idea to check these areas for signs of bed bugs before settling into a room.

If you find any of these signs in your Evansville home, don’t panic. Although bed bugs may seem a bit creepy and they are definitely unwelcome in your home, they are treatable. Bed bugs can be difficult to completely eradicate. It is always better to call in the professionals when it comes to treating your home for a bed bug infestation.

Action Pest Control utilizes the most current and effective treatment methods available to eliminate bed bug infestations.

Two Main Methods of Treatment for Residential Properties

  • K-9 bed bug detection dogs are specially trained to sniff out not only adult bed bugs but also nymphs and eggs with a high degree of accuracy. This ensures that the entire bed bug population is eliminated and will not return.
  • Heat treatments are the safest and most effective way to treat bed bugs once they have been detected. Heat treatments work by warming your home to a specific temperature known to kill all stages of bed bugs. Our professionals keep your home at that temperature for the length of time necessary to eliminate all bed bugs. Heat treatments are effective because heat reaches even the areas that may be missed by other kinds of bed bug treatments. Another valuable truth about heat treatments is that they are completely safe for your Evansville home and for your family. You can have peace of mind knowing that no harmful chemicals or residue will be left behind after treatment.

If you make it through this holiday season and think that you or a family member may have inadvertently brought bed bugs into your home, don’t wait to treat them. Call Action Pest Control to take care of the problem while it’s still manageable. We are here to help you take your home back!