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How Commercial Pest Control Benefits Evansville Businesses In The Winter

a big food processing facility

Pests can pose a potential threat to Evansville businesses throughout the year. During this cold weather, pests will soon seek their way indoors—if they haven’t already! And once they do, these pests can wreak havoc on businesses. There are numerous pests you may encounter. Rodents, birds, and cockroaches are among some of the pests that affect businesses and can be among the most devastating. 


Mice and rats are responsible for spreading diseases and causing damage. Rodent incisors grow continuously, which means lots of gnawing and chewing to prevent overgrowth. This could be throughout your home or businesses, including insulation, wires, wooden structures, boxes and products. House mice are the most common rodent encountered in the United States. They are small and usually gray. Rats are a bit larger with a long tail. Both will gladly make their home inside buildings for the winter where sources of food, water, and warmth are easily accessed.


There are many types of birds that can find their way near, or inside a business here in Evansville; pigeons, geese, starlings, ducks, and English sparrows. All of these birds are likely to build nests near homes or businesses because they have become reliant on humans to survive. They’ll gladly go after food that’s available for them to reach, sometimes bothering customers and getting too close for comfort in order to do so. These pests are active throughout the year and are responsible for millions of dollars worth of damage. Their droppings can release spores into the air that can harm human lungs, and uric acid can be corrosive. They can also be responsible for spreading diseases, as well as parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mites. Not to mention, birds are creatures of habit that will return to the same places over and over!


Well known for enjoying sewer systems and other dark, damp places, American cockroaches can scare customers away very quickly. They are large and reddish brown. Cockroaches will eat most foods, but they particularly enjoy decaying or fermenting foods. Females can produce 250 to 300 offspring in a lifetime, meaning an infestation can get out of control very quickly. Cockroaches can spread diseases, cause food poisoning, and result in bad reviews and loss of business. 
Each of these pests pose a serious threat to commercial sites. Aside from damage to the building, damage to products can also occur, causing loss of sales. Customer and employee satisfaction is at stake, resulting in bad reviews and a bad reputation for the business. Potential lawsuits, costly damage, and spreading diseases and infections can all result from these pests. It’s extremely important to get professional pest control on board with your business to keep pests from causing such problems.
Action Pest Control can eliminate any pest infestation your Evansville commercial property is facing. Don’t let a pest infestation affect your business, employees, and customers. You have enough to focus on being a business owner, so let us focus on the pests. Our technicians will inspect your property to identify what pests are there and the damage that they cause. We will then implement a treatment plan and monitor and prevent further infestations. Give us a call today to learn more about our commercial pest control solutions.