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Why Ant Infestations In Indianapolis Are More Than Just A Nuisance

a swarm of wasps

The warm weather this August has us spending more time outside which means more food debris is left behind in our wake. Whether it’s from BBQ's, picnics, or the sticky drops from all of those sugary popsicles, we leave behind plenty of food outside that attracts ants to our property. Unfortunately, ants are good at following trails and are likely to sneak their way inside as well. In a way, we are actually working against ourselves. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to enjoy being outdoors with our family and eat lots of yummy food!

When you think of ants in Indianapolis, you probably think of how annoying they can be. Odorous house ants and pavement ants are generally considered to be more of a nuisance than anything else; however, these ants are also carriers of bacteria and diseases that make them more dangerous than they first appear to be! These tiny pests can contaminate our food sources by spreading bacteria that they have picked up elsewhere such as in your trash cans, for example. These ants are small and are able to climb into any place that isn’t properly sealed. Some can even get into uncovered liquid containers or food boxes that haven’t been closed all the way! These pests have also been known to cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. Carpenter ants are also more of a threat then they initially seem as they cause extensive damage to homes. These ants tunnel through wooden structures in order to create their nests. When carpenter ants invade, they can affect your homes foundation, your furniture, and even personal items! Not only that, those damages can be extensive and very costly to repair.

If you originally thought ants were just a nuisance, now you know the truth. If you’ve noticed ants in or around your Indianapolis home, it is important to contact a home pest control professional to eliminate them. In fact, bringing a professional on board is a must! At Action Pest Control, we do ant control the Action way! We will start by analyzing your home and determining which treatment method is best suited for your situation. Our treatments are focused on eaves, doors and window frames, foundation vents, exterior siding, and all other areas where ants are most commonly found. We use bait formulations and residual products that are undetectable to ants and target them as they re-enter their colonies. Ongoing protection for ants is especially important because there are so many different things that attract them to your property and they are known to return back to the same properties if no prevention action is taken! By choosing us, you are safeguarding your home from future ant problems. Contact Action Pest Control to take action against ants today!