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Importance Of Professional Termite Protection For Louisville Homes And Businesses

termites in the dirt

There is no doubt that termites are one of the most dreaded pests by home and business owners in Louisville. These destructive pests are estimated to cause billions of dollars in property damages each year in the United States alone! In fact, these damages have even been compared to the severity of a flood or a fire! All it takes is for one termite colony to enter your unprotected home or business and it all goes downhill from there!

The biggest problem with termites is that they often enter homes unnoticed and can go undetected for a long period of time as the damages take place out of signs inside the wood of our homes. You may think you are safe from termite problems when really, within the foundation of your home or business, those termites are chewing and tunneling away at the structural wood and causing extensive and costly damages! Though termites are especially attracted to wood that has previously been damaged by water, they will also feed on undamaged wood. If an infestation of these wood-destroying pests is left unchecked, they will hollow out the wood of your home, weakening the structural integrity of your home and causing the structure and foundation of your property to become physically unsafe.

The only real option when dealing with a termite infestation is to bring the professionals on board. The termite control experts at Action Pest Control offer services to eliminate any current termite colonies invading your home as well as a prevention plan to help you avoid future infestations. When one of our technicians comes to your home or business, they will follow our Five Step Termite Control System process.

  • The first step in this process is to perform a comprehensive inspection in order to get a better understanding of the extent of the damage and identify the areas of termite activity inside your home.
  • The second step is treating for these wood-destroying pests with either the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ or the Termidor system, both of which are highly successful termite elimination options. Sentricon® with Always Active™ uses strategically placed bait stations whereas Termidor relies on the transfer effect between termites to spread this lethal ingestive throughout the colony. In both scenarios, the entire colony will be eliminated.
  • The third step is our three-month termite elimination inspection where we will make sure that our treatment was 100% successful.
  • This leads us to step number four which is performing our annual inspections.
  • Lastly, we offer a money-back guarantee to all of our customers in the unlikely circumstance that our services weren’t successful.

It is always the best strategy to leave controlling these destructive pests to the professionals. By enlisting the help of a pest control professional, you’ll not only be protecting the walls, siding, foundation, and the structural integrity of your Louisville home or business from being destroyed, but you will also be keeping your family and customers safe from harm. Action Pest Control can help save you time, money, and stress! Take action against termites by calling Action Pest Control today!