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Avoid Pantry Pests This Holiday Baking Season

a pantry pest on baked bread

Some words just go well together, they really work together, often times describing what they are or what they do, together. A ring that goes on your ear is an earring. Makes sense, right? Something that dries your hair should definitely be called a hairdryer. But, sometimes, two words go together for another reason. Sometimes one word adds something magical to the other, like holiday and baking. There are a lot of things we can bake in the oven, but the things we bake during the holiday season are the best things, things like grandma's super secret recipe that was handed down through the generations. The word holiday really helps to compliment the word baking. Let's take a look two words that should never be put together and see if we can learn a few things about how we can make our holiday baking a little bit more magical.

Pantry pest. Sure it's an alliteration, and it bursts forth from the lips with power, but pests should never be in the pantry. There isn't a lot we can do about the occasional fly getting into the house. They can zip right in through the front door when we come home. Lots of bugs get into our common areas and must be dealt with. But there is something particularly disturbing about finding pests in the pantry and, more specifically, in our pantry food. The words "pantry" and "pest" go horribly together.

Here are a few tips that will help you avoid putting pantry and pest together:

  • Some pantry pests come in from the outside of your home. These can be resisted by doing a detailed inspection of your exterior walls and sealing any entry points. Use a caulking gun to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks. Repair screens, weather stripping, and door sweeps. And consider replacing exterior white lights with yellow light bulbs to reduce flies.
  • Some pantry pests get in because they are brought in. Be sure to examine all paper and cardboard packaged items before you purchase them from the store.
  • Consider putting all of your pantry food in hard plastic, sealable containers. This will help to contain any pests that are brought in by accident, and to keep exterior pests out of your food.
  • Make sure to keep track of expiration dates, and remove food that is out of date. The smell of spoiling food is like a dinner bell for many pests.

If you find pantry pests, or you would like assistance protecting your home from pests, Action Pest Control can help. Find out if you're in our service area and schedule a visit from one of our educated and experienced pest professionals. With Action, you'll have the right home pest control through every season of the year, including holiday baking season, which might just be the best season of the year.