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Avoiding The Financial Impact Of Cockroaches In Indianapolis

a cockroach waving at you

Bugs and wildlife add unneeded expense for businesses in Indianapolis. Some pests leave a mess that requires water, cleaning products, and employee time to clean up. Some cause damage that must be repaired by a handyman or contractor. Some pests damage curtains, wallpaper, and other items within a business, and those items need to be replaced. But, the cost of having cockroaches in a business goes far beyond these simple issues. Here are a few ways cockroaches can cost your business money that would be best spent in other ways.

Whether your business is to grow, ship, store, sell, or prepare food, cockroaches can affect your bottom line. These insects spread harmful bacteria from dumpsters, sewers, dead carcasses, and other dirty things to food prep areas, tables, counters, and dishes. In a kitchen, this can be a nightmare. The presence of cockroaches, or the signs they leave, can have many financial implications. Employee absenteeism will be higher. Customer sickness can lead to legal costs. A lawsuit brings with it bad publicity and a reduction in revenue. And, a failed audit can lead to a closure.

Restaurants, warehouses, stores, shipping companies, and farms are not the only businesses that can be impacted by cockroaches. Many businesses have a breakroom. When cockroaches get into breakrooms, they can adversely affect employee health and moral. Cockroaches not only spread harmful bacteria but they are also associated with human pathogens, an increase in allergic response, and psychological aversion. At best, the presence of these insects can result in increased absenteeism. At worse, it can lead to a significant reduction in work performance and a loss in overall revenue.

When cockroaches invade a business, they are not usually content to stay behind the scenes. This can have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. It doesn't matter if your business has nothing to do with food; cockroaches running around on the show floor, along the wall of a hotel room, up the wall of a grocery store, or appearing in any way in any location where customers are congregating, can create customer dissatisfaction. And customer dissatisfaction impacts your bottom line. No matter what your business is, protect it from the impact of a cockroach infestation with an ongoing commercial pest control plan from Action Pest Control.

All businesses do better without bugs. And cockroaches are only one of the many bugs you're business will be protected from when you have Action Pest Control on your team. Take action and get Action!