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Why Use Fumigation To Protect Valuable Items?

valuables in a home

When it comes to extremely valuable and delicate items like antiques, furniture, heirloom pieces, and museum collections, not just any pest control service will do! At Action Pest Control, we understand that traditional pest control solutions won’t work on these delicate items, but we also understand that this doesn’t just give pests a free pass to invade those items. This is why we have developed a pest control solution for these types of items that is not only extremely safe, but is extremely effective! Protect your home or business's valuables through the fumigation services here at Action Pest Control!

The fumigation services administered by our experts provide more than just the elimination of pests; they provide the peace of mind to know that your valuable items are going to come out unscathed after the process is over. Because lets be honest, what is the point of eliminating a cockroach, bed bug, rodent, moth, or beetle infestation if afterward the piece that was infested is now damaged or even worse, destroyed?

At Action Pest Control, we can keep your home’s valuables safe through our fast, effective fumigation services that are performed by our highly trained experts. Through the fumigation process the end result is a 100% reduction of the targeted pest overnight (in most cases). The fumigation process works so effectively because the fumigants have the ability to seep through the walls, floors, and other tight spaces - making sure that all pests present are treated and that no pest is left behind!

In order to eliminate pests in valuables like antiques and furniture, we use cylenderized 100% phosphine, Vaporph3os®, and Profume. These products that we use in the fumigation process leave no residue behind and are completely inactive after the fumigation process is complete. In addition to protecting valuable and sentimental items from pests in residential properties, we can protect the following food sources and commercial properties:

  • Food storage and processing facilities.
  • Grain bins, flour mills, seed processors, and feed manufacturers.
  • Warehouse storage facilities.
  • Barge, tractor trailer, and railcar containers.
  • Commodities (tobacco, corn, rice, soybeans, wheat etc.)
  • And more

Call and set up your free fumigation consultation or speak with one of our pest professionals to learn more about protecting the valuables in your Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, Missouri, or Minnesota property through our highly effective fumigation services!