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Start 2017 Off Rodent Free

a little rodent in your home

The best things in life are free. You've heard the saying. Things like hugs, friends, family, smiles, laughter, happy memories, and love. These are definitely some pretty awesome things in life that are free, but do you know what else is awesome when it is free? Your home, when it is free of rodents. There are many benefits to having a rodent-free house! But a house that contains rodents, if the problem is not taken care of properly, can become one of the worst things in life.

Why Having Rodents In Your Home Is A Bad Thing


Rodents, such as mice and rats, can bring illness into your home. After roaming through dumpsters and sewers, trash heaps and compost piles, rodents have no problem walking all over your pantry shelves and food prep areas and spreading diseases and harmful bacteria to these places.


When mice, rats, and even squirrels, get into your home, they can bring hitchhikers with them. Some of the creatures that hitch a ride on rodents are mites, lice, ticks and fleas. If you have ever had to deal with lice, you know how much of a nightmare that can be. And fleas are no picnic. Not only are they practically impossible to get rid of without professional help, they have the capacity to transmit the plague. Though fleas transmitting plague is rare today, what isn't so rare is Lyme disease being transmitted to humans by ticks.

Chew Damage

Rodents have teeth that never stop growing. Because of this, they have to constantly chew on everything from wood to insulation, from treasured items stored in your attic to electrical wiring. Not only can rodents cause costly repairs and irreversible damage, they can also potentially cause a house fire.

Odor From Urine And Droppings

When urine and droppings build up in a home, there will start to be an odor. If a population of rodents is allowed to grow (and these animals multiply quickly) the odor will grow worse and worse as time goes on.

How To Have A Rodent-Free Home

There are many things you can do to try to keep rodents out. Examining the outside of your structure and sealing up all gaps and cracks is a great start. Removing all clutter and food sources outside your home is good too. And, carefully cleaning the inside of your home, focusing on food and water sources, can help to deter these animals. But, if you want to seal rodents out of your home or completely remove an infestation, it is imperative to receive help from a professional home pest control company.

Here at Action Pest Control, we know how to make your home free of rodents. You know what else we can make free? Our pest inspections. If your house is in Terre Haute, or our extensive service area, call to schedule an appointment today.