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Drop The Bomb On Bed Bugs

bed bug on a blanket in the dark

Are you getting bitten? Do you suspect that you have bed bugs--or worse, have you actually seen these bugs crawling around? If so, there is a good chance you're not happy about it. That's how it begins. Sadly, that is only the beginning.

When bed bugs get into a home, they are hard to get out. Do-it-yourself pest methods are no match for these bugs. In fact, even some pest control companies have a hard time getting rid of bed bugs. It's true. These are clever and resourceful pests. Fortunately, our pest specialists have the most advanced training, equipment, and products to completely eradicate these bugs.

The most powerful weapon in our arsenal is fumigation. It is like dropping a bomb on those bugs. But, unlike a real bomb, fumigation won't hurt your home or the items in it. Fumigation uses gas to kill bed bugs. And, fumigants get deep into wall voids to make sure no bugs survive to feed on you another day.

What If I Have A Small Bed Bug Infestation?

No problem. We have several protocols for dealing with bed bugs. We can target those bugs with EPA approved least-toxic chemicals, steam, heat, and more. And when we're done, our K-9 bed bug inspection team will make sure that no bugs survived.

We can also use fumigation on small infestations. No, we're not talking about tenting your whole house to get rid of bed bugs in your box spring. Fumigation can be performed on individual pieces of furniture, much in the same way we get rid of termites that have infested antiques, or eradicate pests from food commodities.

No matter how big or how small, fumigation is a powerful weapon against target pests. There is no place those bugs can hide. And, our bed bug team knows how to corral these bugs and inspect to make sure no bugs remain after the treatment is done.

Is Fumigation Safe?

Yes. When done by a trained and certified profession, fumigation is completely safe. If you have Action take care of your fumigation, you will be guided through the process to ensure the safety of you, your family, your pets, and your sensitive belongings.

Are you ready to be bug-free? Have you had it with bed bugs? We get it. Call for immediate assistance, and we'll send someone over to perform a free, no obligation, inspection. Your technician will evaluate the issue, outline a list of protocols that will arrest the infestation, and you can decide if fumigation is the right option for you.