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Tips For A Cockroach-Free Louisville Home

big cockroach up close

If you have German cockroaches in your Louisville home, you are going to need some help. These roaches and other varieties are common inside many homes in your area. They pose a serious health risk to you and your family as they move from unsanitary conditions to food sources, carrying microorganisms that can cause serious illnesses and food poisoning.

Adult cockroaches are about ½” long, and they move very fast. They are flat and brown with wings and have long slender antennae. Nymphs look similar to adults, but are a bit smaller and do not have wings like adults do. The German cockroach eggs are long, bean-shaped, and brown or tan. Females can produce up to several thousand eggs in less than a year.

Cockroaches and/or their eggs are transported from place to place in cartons, boxes, or bags while some will gain access to your home through cracks, crevices, and sewer lines. Cockroaches will thrive in unsanitary conditions but move from area to area along plumbing and electrical lines, making them highly mobile and more dangerous. They hide in dark, dank areas during the daytime and forage for food at night. They will eat anything from filth to food scraps and items from glue to soap. Their feces leave an unpleasant odor due to what they eat. Also, their skins are cast off at times which can be an allergen to some people causing them to have skin rashes, watering eyes, and wheezing.

German cockroaches can most commonly be found in bathrooms, kitchens, and eating areas. They will hide under things like appliances, toilets, sinks, trash bins, and sometimes inside pantries and cabinets. People have found them inside clocks, microwaves, and electronic gear and equipment. In any case, roaches carry bacteria from garbage, toilets, and other unsanitary places directly to food sources that are then consumed, causing a multitude of health issues. Some can be very serious.

Like most people, you need to get rid of German cockroaches as soon as possible and keep them at bay. You may want to try a few tips on your own, but the only sure-fire way to eliminate the problem is by using a professional pest control service that will assess your situation, eliminate the threat, and keep an infestation from occurring ever again.

DIY tips are listed here to get you started:

  • Get rid of moisture by eliminating standing water, food mess, and dirty sinks.
  • Seal up all points of entry with caulking or sealant.
  • Replace or repair damaged screens and vents screening.
  • Secure pipe and wire entrances.
  • Keep garbage under control by removing it regularly and storing in cans with tight-fitting lids.
  • Seal food in airtight durable containers.
  • Check cartons, boxes, and bags before bringing them in.

While all of these DIY tips can assist you in preventing some cockroaches, you won’t want to take the chance that these sneaky pests can invade your home or building, again and again, each year. Not to mention, store purchased insecticides are toxic and harmful to you, your family and your pets. Here are just a few reasons why Action Pest Control is the right company to help you eradicate German cockroaches and to put measures in place that will keep them from coming back: we have board-certified entomologists on staff, we guarantee 24-hour emergency service response, we offer environmentally friendly home pest control options, and much more! In the Louisville area, you can call on the experts at Action Pest Control. Our main mission is to provide you with timely service and effective solutions. Give us a call today to see how we can protect your home or business German cockroach infestations.