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Lots Of Wasps In Terre Haute

a wasp on a plant

Have you wondered, "Why are there so many wasps this time of year?" At the end of summer and beginning of fall, these stinging insects are everywhere; and if you're planning on having an event in your yard this time of year, you need to know a few things. So, we've put together this helpful guide.

Three Things You Need To Know About Fall Wasps

  1. There are lots and lots of wasps in Terre Haute because wasps have a population growth cycle. When winter arrives, almost all the wasps die. It is usually only the overwintering queen wasp that survives the winter. That is why there are fewer wasps in spring and a ton of them in fall. They spend all summer growing their nests to their maximum population, so they can send out as many new queens as possible before winter comes again.
  2. Wasps and other stinging insects are more active and aggressive in fall. This is because they are wired to accomplish their mission of protecting and sending out the new queens. This increase in aggression leads to more stings this time of year.
  3. Not all wasps are created equal. If you have yellow jackets on your property, you have a much greater chance of being stung, no matter what time of year it is. Yellow jackets are a more aggressive species of wasp; and since there are more of them flying around in the fall, there is a greater chance of running into one.

Eight Ways to Prevent Stings

  1. Wear shoes if you will be outside on your lawn or walking through other grassy areas.
  2. Watch where you sit when you are outside.
  3. Watch where you grab. Some wasps are not inclined to sting, but they will if you accidentally come in contact with them.
  4. Keep all outside garbage in tightly sealed receptacles.
  5. Make sure all window and door screens are in good working condition. This is the time of year when wasps are most likely to start coming in.
  6. Don't swing at wasps. This can increase their aggressiveness.
  7. If you see many stinging insects on your property or locate a nest, have a professional pest control company remove it.
  8. Get an inspection of your property if you plan to have an outdoor event.

If you need help controlling wasps on your Terre Haute property, let Action Pest Control assist you. An educated pest technician has the specialized knowledge to locate nests, even in hard to see places, and they are equipped with proper protective equipment and application tools to safely and effectively remove nests.

Don't take any chances with fall wasps. Make your outside activities safer with stinging insect control in Terre Haute that you can trust.