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Do You Have Termites In Your Lexington Home?


What costs homeowners and business owners alike over $5 billion each and every year here in the United States? Yup. You guessed it. Termites. These "silent destroyers" can sneak into a structure and eat away at it for years and years, completely undetected until it is too late. But, if you are aware and on the lookout for the warning signs termites may leave for you, it could save you a lot of headache and expensive repairs in the long run.

Signs of termites:

  1. Swarmers. Long-winged insects in, around or on your home could be a sign of an active infestation of termites within your walls. These winged reproductives, or termite swarmers, are produced by a mature colony nearby.
  2. Shed termite wings. Swarmers only last a brief period, usually less than half an hour. So, it is likely you will not see the actual insects. But, you may see the wings they leave behind. If you do see wings, it is important to know the difference between ant wings and termite wings. Termite wings are white. Ant wings are yellowish.
  3. Insects around lights. If you see a significant swarm of insects around an outside light, they may be termites. And, they may be trying to find a way into your home.
  4. Outside wood damage. Swarmers do not eat wood, the way worker termites do, but if they choose to make a nest in an outside wooden structure, such as a deck or shed, you will soon be able to spot exterior damage that looks like a hundred carving knives have been at work. This is a certain sign that you have an infestation.
  5. Mud tubes. Subterranean termites make mud tubes to get into and out of the wood of your home from the soil. These tubes may be found behind shrubs, under porches, behind stairs, behind machines, or in other hidden places. These tubes may be quite wide, or as thin as a pencil.
  6. Insects under mulch. Termites love mulch. If you have mulch around your home, pull up a section of it and check underneath for active termites. If your home is infested, you may see a large mass of termites on the ground beneath the mulch.
  7. Noises in your walls. Termites hit their heads against tunnel walls in order to communicate. If you put your ear to your wall, and there is an infestation nearby, you may be able to hear clicking sounds.
  8. Sagging and buckling ceilings, floors or walls. This is the worst sign of all. If you are seeing this sign, then the termite damage is severe. Another possible sign could be when your doors and windows no longer open and close properly due to warping.

If you are seeing any of the signs listed above, it is time to get a professional termite inspection. And, even if you do not see any signs, termites can still be actively eating away at your home. There is good reason termites are called "silent destroyers." Let the professionals here at Action Pest Control protect your home from wood-destroying termites. It could save you, and your pocketbook, from a lot of trouble in the long run. Take Action & get Action Pest Control for termite control services in Lexington.