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Don't Let Ants Go Marching Into Your House

ants marching around

The ants go marching one by one… You may be familiar with this children's song that talks about ants marching and then going down to the ground to get out of the rain. Well, though there is some truth to this song, ants might march into their holes when the weather gets wet--when the weather gets really wet, they are more likely to try to get into your home, "to get out of the rain…"

The fact is ants tend to pack up and move to new nests in spring and summer. Since spring is close at hand, now is the time to take action and fortify your home against invading ants and other household pests. There are several steps you can implement, both inside and outside your home:

  • Thoroughly clean the inside of your home. Pay close attention to areas where food is present. Vacuum all areas. Remove crumbs from the inside of toasters. Clean hard-to-reach areas such as between the stove and counter and underneath the stove. If you cannot wash dishes right away, place them in a sink full of soapy water, not next to the sink in a dry pile.
  • Sweep or vacuum after every meal. Ants can make a meal out of the smallest crumbs.
  • Keep all food in the refrigerator or in tightly sealed containers.
  • Make sure your kitchen trash can has a well-seated lid.
  • Keep outside trash in tightly sealed containers, and well away from your home.
  • Dry up any moist areas. Fix leaky pipes, sinks, toilets, and tubs. Don't give ants a water source.
  • Inspect the outside of your home and seal up even the tiniest gaps and cracks.
  • Make sure that all your screens and door sweeps are in good repair.
  • Keep the area around your home free of dead vegetation where ants and other insects like to live.
  • Contact a professional pest control company.

What to do once ants have already invaded:

If you are already seeing ants in your Lexington home, understand that most do-it-yourself ant control tactics don't work. In fact, many DIY ant treatments will only cause ants to scatter and start new colonies. One colony alone can contain millions of ants. If a colony splits in several different directions to make new colonies in your home, it won't take long to be overrun with them.

Our ant control professionals here at Action Pest Control are trained to analyze your home's ant problem and determine the method that is best suited for your situation. And to make sure ants do not return, we offer complimentary visits in between services. Don't let ants go marching one by one into your home, get help from a pest control company you can trust: Action Pest Control.