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Bed Bug Prevention Is Possible In Lexington

bed bugs on a mattress

When it comes to bed bug infestations it can feel like a battle of attrition. As business after business is invaded and more and more homes get breached, it can feel like these bugs are wearing us down and taking us over. But that is not the case. They aren't overwhelming us. Bed bugs are a pest that can be prevented. Here are two ways you can keep your Lexington home or business safe from a bed bug infestation.


Knowing how these bugs get in is essential in keeping them out. These are some of the things you should know.

  • You probably already know that you can pick bed bugs up when you travel. But, do you know that you can prevent picking these bugs up by doing an inspection of your room? Bring a flashlight so you can check your sheets, mattress seams, and upholstered furniture for blood staining, shed insect casings, and black fecal streaks or patches.
  • It is important to know that these bugs can enter your home on returning college age children or guests. Infestations appear after sleepovers and visits. Be sure to inspect the areas where guests sleep and wash and dry all bedding on the hottest temperature.
  • Be aware that bed bug infestations are being found in public transportation. If you take a bus, train, or taxi, you should know that you are at a higher risk for picking these bugs up and bringing them home.
  • Bed bugs are also being found in movie theaters, libraries, and other public venues. It is important to be aware of what these bugs look like and to do a quick check with the light on your smartphone before you relax and watch a movie at the theater.

Proactive Pest Control

Whether you own a home or a business, you can hire a pest control company to do routine checks for bed bugs. At Action Pest Control, we make this a fast, easy process through the use of K-9 bed bug inspectors. Dogs are able to smell bed bugs in all stages of development and, unlike human inspectors, they do not need to disturb the room they are checking. This makes K-9 inspections faster and more cost effective. If you would like your home or business checked for bed bugs, the K-9 bed bug team here at Action Pest Control is ready to help.

While bed bug infestations are definitely increasing, an infestation in your home or business doesn't have to be inevitable. This is a pest that can be prevented through awareness and proactive pest control measures. Don't let an infestation take you by surprise. Keep watch for these bugs and stay safe by partnering up with the bed bug experts here at Action Pest Control.