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Spiders In Lexington

a spider on a floor

Have you ever opened a box in storage and found a spider web--or worse--a spider? It is so common if you asked five friends if this has ever happened to them, I'm certain at least one would say yes. Spiders love to crawl through storage areas and are particularly fond of moisture. If you live in Lexington and intend to pull something out of the attic, it is important to take precautions. Spiders can be in places you least expect.

What Spiders Will I Find In Lexington?

Several species of spider can invade your Lexington home. Some, like the wolf spider, will only leave a painful bite. The brown recluse, black widow, or yellow sac spider, however, can cause much more trauma if you have the misfortune of being bitten by them.

How Do I Tell These Spiders Apart?

It is fairly easy to know if you're looking at a black widow. This spider, with its shiny black coloring and red hourglass markings, screams, "Danger! Don't touch!" and is surely different from the brown recluse and the yellow sac spider.

The yellow sac spider is a pale yellow to yellowish green color and much more transparent looking than other spiders you'll find in your house.

The two you might have trouble distinguishing from each other are the brown recluse and the wolf spider. Not because they look all that much alike, but because they are both brown. Look for the violin (fiddle) design on the back of the spider's neck to identify the brown recluse.

What If I Don't Get A Good Look At The Spider?

If you see a brown spider scramble across the floor and scurry under the bed, it is most likely a wolf spider and not a brown recluse. The brown recluse, as the name implies, does not like to travel in the open. It is reclusive. That doesn't mean you have the all-clear to jump in bed and go to sleep. But at least you know you most likely don't have a spider in your room that has venom with necrotic properties, and that is a good start.

Is There A Way To Keep Spiders Out Of The House?

At Action Pest Control, we have the most advanced and comprehensive state-of-the-art black widow and brown recluse spider programs available. Our team is continually kept up to speed on the biology, behavior, and control techniques relevant to these pests (as new information becomes available) so we can provide the most effective protection for our customers. We also provide general spider protection as part of our TermaPest plan.

You don't want poisonous spiders in your home or business. We understand. If you live in Lexington or anywhere else in our coverage area of Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, give us a call for immediate assistance. We can help make your property spider-free.