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How Flour Mills Can Benefit From Fumigation Services

beetles in flour

Regardless of the type or size of the business, the appearance of pests such as insects, rodents, birds, and bats spells trouble. These creatures are far from harmless and can cost you millions in lost revenue and ruined products causing significant impacts on your bottom line. This is especially true for flour mills. Flour mills offer pests the unique opportunity for free and easy food. The appearance of insects in flour is not only nauseating to the consumer, but it will also damage the much worked for good reputation of the company involved. These pests can also contaminate food ultimately causing illness to consumers. Neither option is acceptable for the business or its customers. Whether you are dealing with beetles, weevils, borers, moths, or caterpillars the answer is always the same – fumigation.

There are many factors to consider when dealing with pest control in the food industry. The goal, of course, is to rid the facility of pests while protecting the integrity of the product – in this case, flour. This is no easy task when you consider that these pests want nothing more than to immerse themselves in your flour and eat to their hearts’ content. With such a tantalizing treat before them, it is surprising you can’t visually see these pests lining up at the gate by the millions waiting for their tables to be ready! With a draw like that, the only option for flour mills is to hire a professional like Action Pest to administer personalized, cost-effective, proven, and up-to-date measures to ensure that pests do not invade your facility.

Action Pest Control begins with the exterior of your complex. Preventing pests’ entry, or exclusion, is the first goal. Identifying any sources of entry and eliminating them is paramount in keeping these creatures at bay. Secondly, we will search for nesting or breeding sites and work with you to safely and effectively eliminate them. Making your grounds as unattractive to pests as possible will drastically reduce their appearance. Next, we will work to eliminate any sources of food and water, aside from the flour, that we find. A hungry insect is not likely to stick around for long.

After the grounds are secure, we then inspect your facility noting any specific areas of entry or potential areas of entry into your mill that must be repaired. Any cracks, crevices, or holes must be caulked or screened. Doors, windows, chimneys, and vents must all be examined to be sure there are no entry points. Any lapses in your defenses must be shored up and eliminated immediately. We will then focus on the integrity of your manufacturing practices to ensure in-plant sanitation policies are up to date and followed. Proper sanitation is a primary factor in avoiding pests.

The control of pests in your flour mill is essential to minimize the transmission of food-borne illnesses caused by harmful microorganisms and to maintain the integrity of your product. Call on the highly trained professionals here at Action Pest Control to control the pests in your mill. We offer both container and structural fumigation services in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, Missouri, and Minnesota. We have the experience, training, and success record you desire when considering pest control services in your flour mill.